Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Frame For Your Painting


Paintings are truly magnificent from of art. A painting is something you can have framed and hung on your wall. Every time you walk by it, you can pause to recall all of the memories from that moment. It can also make any room feel alive and unique. If you want your painting displayed, you might want to consider framing it. Framing does not only provide you additional aesthetics for your painting but it also does protect your painting from any damages.

First, when choosing which frame you should buy, you should consider the size of the painting that will be used. For instance that you have a small painting, such painting does not a very thick frame since if the frame is too thick, there is a chance that it would make the art work look less significant. The frame could receive more attention than the painting. A person’s attention should always be drawn to the painting first not to the frame. Also, large paintings with small frames and small paintings with large frames should be avoided. This idea will only look awkward. It is good to choose a frame that suits your painting best and does not give off a noticeable aura.

Second, you should also consider the place where you will put your painting. The location of the painting also has an impact on the frame. It is important that the frame also blend in with the surroundings. That’s why; you need to choose the frame of your painting according to the theme of the room where it will be placed. On one hand, if you plan to have a lot of paintings hung on the same wall, then it is a good idea to have those paintings framed with the same style of frame.

Third, if you are uncertain on choosing the right frame for your painting, then you might to consider seeking advice from a gallery or from a designer. Usually choosing the frame is not very difficult, however, as there are a lot of people having business concerning with frames, you won’t know who is legit and who is not. A person should to keep in mind that the frame needs to be of very high quality and very thoroughly polished.

Fourth, when you have chosen the right frame, you should consider having it framed by a professional. Framing a painting is very delicate work, especially when it comes to oil or acrylics on canvas.  The canvas needed to be stretched before it is framed. If it is not stretched properly, the canvas can be damaged. That’s why; a professional should do the job of framing your paintings. Sometimes, if you bought the painting from a local artist, then you can let him frame it, same with paintings from the gallery. Paintings that are bought at a gallery could be framed by the gallery as well. However, the safest way to transport a painting is when it is rolled. This is why shipping framed acrylic paintings is not a good idea.