Think Before You Ink: What You Need To Consider Before Getting That Tattoo

Think Before You Ink: What You Need To Consider Before Getting That TattooWe all have regrets in life. But some are temporary, while others are painful memories—like tattoos. Though some tattoos are really amazing and wonderful works of body art, others are cheesy, disturbing, and make you say, “What were they/what was I thinking?!?!?” So if you are considering getting a tattoo, make sure it is the right one for you now and in the future so you don’t have to suffer any regrets.

“So Why is ‘John’ on Your Wrist?”

One of the most common tattoos to get is probably someone else’s name. Maybe it means a lot to you because it is the name of someone close to you like a friend or family member who is still alive or passed away. In other scenarios, it’s the name, face or some other reminder of an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. Your relationship did not last, but the tattoo certainly did in the breakup aftermath. You may have been in love when you decided to get his or her name tattooed, but a name doesn’t have to be selected. Instead of something as personal as their name, you can select something that means more to you later on such as a symbol, plant, or flower from a place you visited together.

Late Nights and Lost Bets

It may have seemed like a fun and crazy idea to place a bet with friends by putting a tattoo on the line, but you could end up with a trashy design or of a rival team after a sports name in a place on your body not of your own choosing. Just back out of the deal even if a person is persistent that you get this tattoo mistake because you lost a bet. It’s a waste of money and will be a huge regret.

Planning Out a Tattoo

Again, when you consider getting a tattoo, do not rush into it. Take time to plan it out; it may even take years before you become fully committed to a design. A tattoo does not have to be one you see on the example wall at the tattoo parlor either. Choose a personal design that you, a friend, or a tattoo artist has helped you to create. The best tattoos should tell an inspiring story about yourself or one that you want to share.

If you get a tattoo in a foreign language or symbol, don’t rely on just an online translator. Ask someone who speaks the language or has heavily studied it and knows the translation of it. Different regions such as the Spanish-speaking world will also have different meanings for the same word. It might mean something normal in one region and vulgar in another part of the world.

Select the Right Tattoo Artist

Selecting the right tattoo just isn’t enough; you have to select the right tattoo artist as well. Visit different tattoo parlors and meet with different artists to see their past work until you are positive that they understand how you want your tattoo to look and you know they will do a good job.

Still Not a Fan of Your Tattoo?

Even after considering a tattoo design and having it inked, you might regret it. Luckily there are options available. If possible, you could have another design inked over or added on to the current tattoo. Otherwise your best option may simply be to go through with the tattoo removal process. It may be painful and expensive, but at least you will no longer have a constant reminder of “Jill,” losing a bet, or that mistake of taking your friends’ advice for that awesome face tattoo.