Tips for building a great modeling portfolio

A model’s career depends on her/his portfolio; it is a physical proof of her/his mettle and hence can make it or break it for any potential model. In a portfolio not only does one have to showcase her/his features and body language but one also has to highlight the different looks and styles one can carry off. So, the portfolio of a model should be her/his first priority.

Following are a few tips which can help you figure out how to prepare your portfolio:

  • First step towards a dazzling portfolio is a brilliant photographer. There are people who can make you look like a million bucks even when wearing a garbage bag. So, do some research, the Internet is a great help in this matter. Even different agencies can help you in this regard as they have records of test photographers; find out the best in the business and fix an appointment. Sometimes the rate charged might seem to be really steep, but a portfolio is an investment in your own future, so no expenditure here would be wastage.


  • Next, get your make-up and styling sorted. Usually, make up is included in the photographer’s package (with or without extra charges). But, if you are not extended such services or are unsure of the make-up artist provided, then do some research on the net or consult your peers. This process is similar to finding the best photographer in the modeling business.
  • Find out different looks that you can carry out. A look is not all about clothes and hairstyles; you also have to showcase your ability to pull off different themes and backgrounds. Choose different settings if possible, you can even purchase /rent the best photo booth for sale online. These will help you take different sorts of photos and try out different moods.
  • After you’ve sorted out all the external matters perfect your own part. Practice your poses, stance, body language and facial expressions. If you’re thinking of becoming a model, you must have been doing this all your life. But before the big day, groom yourself further and so not leave any loose ends.
  • You should also take special care of your skin, nails and hair. Although air brushing, touch up and special effects are there to help you, remember those are there for others too. Focusing on these little details sets you apart from the rest in the running.
  • From one week prior to your shoot pay special attention to what you eat, drink and how much you sleep. Especially the day before, hydrate yourself adequately, get a solid 8 hour sleep and stay away from alcohol.
  • On the day of your shoot, make sure you’ve everything you need ready and packed. Your clothes should be clean and perfect, and any accessories to be used along with your shoes should also be spotless.
  • Before your shoot starts convey to your photographer and make-up artist exactly what you need and find out how the process will proceed. At the end do not forget to thank your photographer and make-up artist; this is a common etiquette of your business.

Once you get over with the shoot and get your prints, sort out the best ones and arrange them in your portfolio with the best ones at the beginning, but mix looks along the arrangement to keep out monotony.

Anny Smith is a reputed fashion and modeling industry blogger. Be it on best photo booth for sale or portfolio management — she writes on a wide array of topics.