Tips For Keeping A Small Home Tidy

Smaller spaces are definitely more difficult to maintain. Eventually, clutter accumulates and can overwhelm even the most conscientious of housekeepers. This is particularly true if there are children in the house. However, there are a few tricks to keep your little house spick and span. Read on to learn more about how to keep a small home clean and organised.
Tips For Keeping A Small Home Tidy
Keep countertops cleared
Workspaces like kitchen countertops should be kept clear at all times. That way, when you need to use the space for something, such as food preparation, you will be able to assemble the ingredients and get to work right away. Otherwise, you’ll have to start by cleaning up from the last project before you can start the current one, which a recipe for insanity!

Think before you buy something
Before you buy a new blender, a new pair of shoes or a new toy for the kids, think about where you will store it. If you keep buying things without planning for storage, it will just become clutter, for which space is limited.

Out with the old, in with the new
If needed, you can make a deal with yourself to get rid of something old every time you make a new purchase. That way, you will be constantly updating your things while also making space for them.

Clean up messes immediately
When you finish a project, clean everything up as soon as possible. Since clutter just begets more clutter, making an effort to keep the main areas and workspaces clear will keep messes from compounding.

Invest in storage
Spend some time browsing the internet or reading home improvement magazines to stay informed on the latest storage ideas. If you see a creative, efficient way to store things, such as a compact rack or small chest of drawers, get it.

Collect boxes to use later
Cardboard boxes can be a useful way to store things. Look around for boxes that are not being used and repurpose them for storage space.

Keep the kids’ playroom tidy
To help keep the chaos in one place, make one room into a play area. Keep a toy chest there and have the kids put their toys there at the end of every day.

Spend a little time each day organizing
To help you make an ongoing commitment to tidiness, you can spend a half-hour each day cleaning up to keep everything in its place.

Donating old but still useful things is a good way to keep your house organised while also doing a good deed.

Find a shoe solution
When managing a small space, shoe storage is a must. Instead of letting them clutter up the closet, foyer or bedroom floor, find a way to organize them so they aren’t in the way but you can easily get to them. You can invest in a shoe rack that sits at the back of a closet, or get a rack that attaches to the back of a door.

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Clara lives in a small town house in London with her husband and small child. She constantly struggles to keep clutter in-check and compileed this simple list to help others in the same situation