Tips For Taking The Perfect Family Christmas Photo

Christmas cards are symbols. They symbolize the year that has just past, the memories created, and the things cherished most in life. Christmas cards are a way to share those memories with important people every year.

For that reason, most people choose to commemorate their year in a photo and they use that photo to create the perfect Christmas card.

So, how do you create the perfect Christmas photo cards? Find a unique design on a site like, and add your perfect family photos, of course!

Here are some tips to consider:

Plan Ahead

Think about lighting, background, and outfits before grabbing the camera.

  • Lighting – Unless you’re a professional photographer, take photos outside and out of direct sunlight or in natural light inside with your family facing the window.
  • Time of day – If at a place without much shade, plan to shoot the hour after sunrise or before sunset.
  • Backgrounds – These should be simple, both for indoors and outdoors shots. If outdoors, a simple barn wall or patch of trees will work.
  • Outfits – Coordinating the same outfits isn’t a necessity, and might even take away from the personality of your family photo. Coordinating similar colors is a good way to get cohesiveness while showcasing each unique member of your family.

Tips For Taking The Perfect Family Christmas Photo

Know Your Camera Settings

When shooting photos in natural light, there’s no need for flash. The flash will most often add harsh lighting and shadows that make a photo look unnatural.

Check your camera for a portrait setting. This setting highlights the subject, your family, while slightly blurring the background.

Take Candid Shots

Sometimes the best way to commemorate the year is not with a traditional pose. Really explore your family’s personality by practicing candid poses.

Some examples:

  • Each spouse picks up a different child and holds them in the air, and then switches.
  • Practice making funny faces in the mirror. When it’s time to take the picture say, “silly time!”
  • If someone cries, use it. Capture your three-year-old crying because he doesn’t want his photo taken.

These are just a few ways to make photo Christmas cards a success. Don’t forget to keep card style in mind. Will you be using a format that allows for one photo or multiple photos? This will help you decide if you need just one perfect family photo or multiple photos, maybe focusing on each family member separately.