Tips Of Choosing Light For Your Home

The function of light is not only provide the necessary lighting for people now, it also has the function of decorating, changing the atmosphere in our home. For satisfying the requirement of light, the category of light becomes diversified. People have more and more choice on color, style and function of lighting. This lead to people does not know which one is better for their home. Here are some suggestions on how to choose light:

Firstly, take the safety and energy saving property of light into consideration. Check the quality of light when shopping – warranty and certificate of inspection. The light used in bathroom and kitchen should be water proof and moisture proof for humid environment. Energy saving property should also be considered. With the realization of environment protection and the increasing pressure of consumption, energy saving become another reference parameter in almost every field of our life. Efficient energy-saving type lamp and energy-saving light is good choice.

Tips Of Choosing Light For Your Home

Secondly, the color and style of light should match with the design style of the room. Except matching the color, shape and style of lighting with the color of the room, you also can choose light according to the function of the room. For example, luxury ceiling lamp and chandelier with warm color light source is the common choice for living room. For home office, soft and bright light ray; no glare; lamp with milky white lampshade; local lighting for study and work – these are the essential standard. Quiet, soft atmosphere is the standard for bedroom light. As bedroom is the private place for people, safety feel is another standard for it.

Thirdly, the size of light is consistent with the room area, furniture scale. Room area less than 12 square meters is better to use ceiling lamp or wall lamp with diameter small than 200 millimeter. The room will feel crowded when the lamp is too large or too much lamp is installed.

Fourth, learn to identify the quality of the light according to the light color. After turn on the lamp, you will not feel heat when you close your hand to the light bulb. The color of your hand is still ruddy if the light is qualified. Otherwise the light is unqualified. High quality light has healthy light color and is energy saving. It can protect eyesight and make people feel comfortable. People cannot see clear in night with poor quality light.

In conclusion, light should be in consistent with the interior design style of the room – you will get warm and comfortable living environment.