Tips To Rectify Milky, Cloudy and Foamy Water In Hot Tubs

Most people love to use Masterspa hot tubs as it is luxurious, comfortable and designed with latest technological features. However, all hot tubs are susceptible to certain problems and technical issues.

One of the most common problems faced by most of the hot tub owners are cloudy, foamy and milky water in the hot tubs. It is quite simple to rectify these hot tub issues by following some useful steps.

Causes and Steps to Rectify the Issue

Milky Water:

At times, the spa water appears milky in color and it can be difficult to see the bottom of the spa clearly. There may be many reasons for the spa water to turn milky. However, some of the causes may be poor filtration due to dirty filters, insoluble particles, organic debris and so forth. It is quite difficult to attribute one single cause of the problem. There are many ways to clear the water and make it sparkling clean again. High sanitizer levels can also cause the water in the spa to appear milky. So it is essential to check the pH level of the water. The sanitizer level of the spa water should also be accurate.

One of the main solutions to clear milky water is to check the filters. The filters should be cleaned thoroughly to avoid unclear and messy water. Hot tub filters must be cleaned periodically to avoid unclear spa water. Milky water in spas can be cleaned by draining the entire spa and filling it with fresh water again.

Tips To Rectify Milky, Cloudy and Foamy Water In Hot Tubs

Cloudy Water:

Spa water may seem to have small floating particles which give a cloudy appearance to the water. Again, there are many causes for such a cloudy appearance in spa water. It can be due to an imbalance in the pH level of the water, dirty filters, the presence of dead algae, poor water chemistry and so forth. If the clarity of the spa water is an issue, it is essential to check the spa filters as most of the issue can be due to poor functions of the spa filters. In some cases, the spa filters are clogged and therefore it fails to filter the spa water appropriately. A non- chlorine shock can be used to clear the spa water easily and quickly. Spa Clarifiers can also be used to clear the spa water.

Foamy Water:

Another spa water issue is foamy water wherein a visible layer of foam is built up on the surface of the water. There are significant reasons for foam build up in spa water. Cosmetic products, detergents in bathing costumes, body oil and so forth can cause the water to foam. However, it can be prevented easily by showering before using the hot tub. Hot tub costumes should not be washed in detergents. Anti foam products can be used to clear the foam from the spa water, although it is not a permanent solution.

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