Top 10 Hidden Gems of Western Australia

Western Australia is where your real Aussie adventure begins. WA has it all – magnificent forests, rugged national parks, plenty of glorious reefs, tons of surf – what more could you ask for? Read on to know about WA’s top 10 hidden gems.

1. Kimberley Aerial Highway

The Kimberley Aerial Highway is a series of runways that lead to remote regions and fabulous aerial views of Kimberley’s great wilderness areas. At the end of these runways you will find further attractions and all kinds of tour and accommodation options.


2. Margaret River

The Margaret River has fantastic scenery, and many beautifully landscaped vineyards. This region is also worshipped for its surf, mysterious caves, fossils (Mammoth Cave), tranquil underground lakes (Lake Cave) and stalactite caves (Jewel Cave houses a 580 centimeter mammoth straw stalactite).

3. Cape Le Grand National Park

This park is for lovers of wild, natural landscapes rampant with exotic wildlife. Here you’ll find isolated, untouched beaches full of sand as white and as smooth as filtered flour. Wildlife such as kangaroos roams freely on the beach.

4. Denmark

Denmark is a less-known destination in WA which combines fine gourmet delights with amazing scenery. Don’t miss a visit to Green’s Pool, a pristine natural pool surrounded by brilliant flora. Do shop for some fantastic chocolate desserts and local cheese as well.

5. Monkey Mia

It’s not possible to frolic around with the dolphins anymore at Monkey Mia, but you can feed the dolphins in the morning. Hire a boat and explore the coastline at leisure. You can see some of the rarest green turtles, dugongs, and other exotic marine creatures here.

6. Shell Beach

Imagine a beach made entirely out of little shells – rainbow colored little shells. Travel down the road from Monkey Mia and you’ll get to what’s known as Shell Beach. As far as beaches go, this one is absolutely unique and stunning – take some great pictures!

7. KalbarriNational Park

Kalbarri is full of amazing green scenery and daring deep gorges below which the rivers beckon you to go kayaking. The gorges are 400 million years old. The park offers 183,000 hectares of rich flora, fauna, fabulous rock formations and cultural heritage.

8. Ningaloo Reef

Ningaloo Reef is the best place to swim along with whale sharks, manta rays, humpback whales, tons of brilliantly colored tropical fish and rare sea turtles. It’s a veritable wildlife lover’s paradise. The reef also has plenty of deep sea diving and snorkeling spots for adrenaline junkies.

9. Purnululu National Park

This is a not to miss hidden gem, with giant craggy gorges, deep and mysterious caves and beautiful, imposing rocks that salute the sky. The mighty Bungle Bungle range is a series of heritage-listed black and orange domes and mammoth rocks, all of which were formed 20 million years ago.

10. Karijini National Park

Explore the towering gorges and mysterious, hidden secret canyons that have been carved by immensely powerful rivers in the red earth of Karijini. This entire park teems with beautiful freshwater pools, waterfalls, billabongs with freshwater crocs and much more.