Top 10 Things To Remember At A Wedding

A wedding is a great occasion, whether it is your own special day or that of a family member or close friend.  However, as exciting as they are, with so much going on there is a lot to remember and it is easy to forget any number of things.

We looked at ten things that you need to ensure you remember on your own wedding day, so that the day goes smoothly and both you and your guests have a memorable day.

1. Eat!

You’re laughing now, but seriously, it is very easy to get up on your big day full of nervous tension, and forget to have breakfast. This is especially risky if you are getting married in the afternoon, we don’t want you fainting in church, do we?!

2. The Rings

If you have entrusted these to a best man or someone else, double check, triple check, and check again to make sure they have them. If you have them, do the same, and don’t let you hand leave your pocket.

3. Arrive on Time

It might be fashionably late to arrive at a wedding, but on time is better, especially if you’re the groom! Nothing worse than a bride’s car being sent around the ring road or beltway because the groom hasn’t turned up yet!

4. Your Bag

You would be amazed how many people forget to pack their honeymoon bag or even an overnight back if they are staying in a hotel. It might not worry you now, but it most definitely will the morning after when a taxi turns up and you are an unorganized mess.

5. The Vows

There isn’t much you can do prior to the wedding, but trying not to forget what you have to say five seconds after you have been told is always a plus. Remembering your partner’s name will go a long way, too.

6. The Traditional Stuff

Things like throwing the bouquet, the first dance, and thanking everyone when you make your speech might seem like a given, but it is easy to forget them, or how to do them – especially your dance! Get someone to remind you if necessary.

7. Circulate

Although you probably just want to sit down and relax with friends, you do have something of a duty to mingle and speak with all of your guests, even though you will be asked the same questions and told the same thing dozens of times.

8. Don’t Worry

Seriously, getting yourself caught up in a web of anxiety is needless. It is your day, so just relax and enjoy yourself.

9. The Venue Staff

You really ought to buy a gift for the staff at your wedding venue or your wedding planner. Even if you give them a small memento of the day, it will mean a lot.

10. Everything That Happened

Photographs of your wedding will abound, no doubt, however the memories that exist in your head will always be the best ones, so remember to take everything in, and remember it forever.

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