Top 4 Kid Friendly Dog Breeds

When many people start a family, they often consider getting a pet. If the family plans on having only one child, the dog will be a companion. Most families prefer to start with a puppy instead of a fully grown dog and let the pet grow up with the child.
Top 4 Kid Friendly Dog Breeds
A lot of people are fans of the Bulldog. This is a sturdy built dog that has a gentle nature. This dog is great for any situation because they can adapt in any instance. The Bulldog can live in a big house or a small apartment and still remain comfortable. This breed of dog socializes very will with other types of pets as well as other dogs. If your child enjoys playing rough, the Bulldog will be the perfect pet for you.

The Beagle is yet another favorite of many. Even though this particular breed of dog is used for hunting purposes, it can still suffice as a great family pet. Like the Bulldog, the Beagle is sturdy and loves to play. Overall, these dogs are happy, very friendly and smart. Although frequent grooming is required, they make awesome family pets and they get along well with other dogs or other pets that you may have.

The Bull Terrier is not a favorite of too many for family purposes because of the bad wrap that they have received from the media. Contrary to popular belief, the Bull Terrier makes a great family pet. These dogs are very friendly and are great with children. Since this dog has an extremely high pain threshold, very active and rough playful children will be great for this dog. If you are looking for a dog who will be very protective of your children and your household, the Bull Terrier is a great candidate.

The Collie has been made popular because of the Lassie movies. In any event, they are easy to train, predictable and gentle. The Collie is another breed that believes in protecting their family and gives as much love as they can. Like the Beagle, the Collie requires a lot of grooming. If you have never owned a dog before, the Collie is the best dog for you.

Each of these dogs have their own personalities and way of being. There are a few other breeds that may suffice as great pets for your family but these are the top four. Carefully consider your needs and wants before you decide to get a dog for your family.

Neil Kilgore is the Jack of all trades at Greenfield Puppies in Lancaster Pa. He regularly blogs about dogs, breeders and puppies on the Greenfield Puppies website.