Top 6 Fall Lighting Ideas For Your Sunroom

Fall has arrived and with it, a completely new color pallet to work with. Instead of closing your sunroom for the season, many homeowners are choosing to embrace all that fall has to offer by incorporating new sunroom ideas that liven up the space. One way they’re doing it is with unique lighting that brings the warmth and glow of autumn in. As the days grow shorter, the addition of interesting light effects to your sunroom is the perfect way to enjoy the space a little longer. Here are 6 lighting tricks, sure to bring brilliance and warmth to your fall sunroom ideas.

Top 6 Fall Lighting Ideas For Your Sunroom

1.  Up Lights

Up lights direct light from the floor up and are excellent effects to use when trying to add height to a room. Try placing them in areas other than the floor to draw attention to the different places within your sunroom. Put up lights in a large plant to illuminate the foliage or on a high shelf to bring attention above eye level.

2. Candles

So simple and yet, so often overlooked. Adding candlelight to your list of sunroom ideas is an excellent way to bring ambiance to your space. And with fall inspired scented candles; you can create an aroma experience for your guests that is sure to induce that warm, cozy autumn feeling. Create a candle display on a center table, add t-lights to shelving or invest in battery-operated candles to minimize risks.

3. Lamps

As the sun sets earlier with each passing day, shed some light on your sunroom ideas with decorative lamps. Choose a three level light bulb so that brightness can be adjusted according to the mood you’re trying to achieve.

4. Skylights

A sunroom is just that, a room that should invite plenty of sun. The natural glow offered by the colorful season is a spectacular sight to behold and the perfect reminder to let more light in! Contract a Northern Virginia or Southern Maryland skylight installation to boost solar heating and prolong natural lighting. You can choose a single window installation or a series of windows to create a spectacle on your ceiling. Not only will the contracting of a Northern Virginia or Southern Maryland skylight installation add value to your home, but it’ll help to create a unique, nature-inspired environment that will have you and guests never wanting to leave.

5. Wall Color

Add a splash of color to your sunroom walls to lighten up the space. Color can alter your mood, enhance natural lighting and completely refresh a living space. Pair a color change with the contracting of a Northern Virginia or Southern Maryland skylight installation and your sunroom will stay as bright and beautiful as the changing leaves long after fall fades into winter.

6. Give In To The Glass

Hire a Northern Virginia or Southern Maryland home improvement contractor to turn your sunroom into a solarium. Replace walls with glass by installing large, floor to ceiling windows for optimal sunlight and solar heat that can be enjoyed all year long. The project will boost your home’s value and add character.

Adding spunk to your sunroom is simple. Create a cozy glow with lamps and candles. Be open to sunroom ideas that incorporate natural sunlight through the contracting of a Northern Virginia or Southern Maryland skylight installation or be bold and opt for a total transformation from sunroom to solarium. You’ll love the energy efficiency and atmosphere of your new space all through the fall season and so will your guests.

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