Top Diets: Healthy Foods For A Healthy People

Other than exercise, a healthy diet is the next most critical part of achieving a healthier life. Having said that, speeding up the process would mean that eating food that contains more health inducing vitamins and nutrients could speed up the process. In theory, the healthier a food gets, the faster you’ll get to achieve your goals, which ranges from the usual flattening of abs, being less prone to disease or to be more productive at work.


Almonds help us achieve the impression of being full faster. With it in your diet, you might not want to order dessert at all. In addition, it also delivers a lot of both vitamin E and protein. These two make almonds praised by health and beauty experts alike. Admittedly, almonds are filled with calories, but they do not take the wrong kind of fats called saturated fats, then swapping them with your usual morning snack remains beneficial to your looks and health. Sperm count can be increased using almonds which is beneficial for sperm donors as almonds are rich sources of Vitamin E which is essential for absorption of Omega 3 and 6 that is required to make hormones.

Top Diets: Healthy Foods For A Healthy People


It’s no wonder that athletes as being a vital component of their diets are raving about bananas. First off, its high potassium content improves the water retention in the body. And thanks to zinc, it’s also able to heal the skin imperfection.

Brown Rice

This is a healthier choice compared to white rice because other than carbohydrates, brown rice also has a dose of B vitamins, which helps in the burning process of what you consume. If you’re on a lookout for a food that would deliver you energy, brown rice could be your staple.


Fish is an excellent choice of food when you’re trying to shift to a healthier lifestyle. They enough protein you normally would have gotten in meat without the saturated fat, which every health experts says is bad for you. It’s also a rich source of omega acids 3 and 6 that are very important in maintaining heart and brain function.