Top Reasons Why Your Hair Is Not Growing

There is nothing more frustrating when all you get are negative results after nurturing your hair with all the attention and love. By the time you’re reading this article you have probably following more than two going-natural blogs, have been on two to three regimens, changed products more than once and you are now thinking of cutting it all off. So, obviously your hair is not growing because you are not doing something right or you’re doing the right thing in the wrong way. Here are the reasons as to why your hair is not growing and some advice that might help you solve your problem:

It’s Dirty

This seems minor but it is actually crucial and is basic common sense. To put this into perspective, imagine you don’t wash your face for 2 weeks, how will it look like? The scalp needs to be treated to a good wash and conditioning for rejuvenating and perfect hair growth. However, daily washing is not recommended either because hair shampoo is too strong that it washes away all the natural essential oils leaving your hair dry. It is therefore recommended that one washes and conditions your hair every 7 to 10 days.

Top Reasons Why Your Hair Is Not Growing

Over Exposure To Heat

So many hair connoisseurs advice against heat as hair ironing and air brushing kills the hair. However, it is not logical to expect one not to use heat to tame down their mane, so we recommend that you use heat equipment once in a blue moon. Remember to use heat protective styling products like the TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Hair Spray. Instead of exposing your hair to heat you can use rubber curling rods instead to have voluptuous curls.

It Needs Trim

You have probably read this on every blog that talks about hair growth and indeed you need to have a trim off the split ends for your hair to look healthy. If you are seeking growth in length, you should only cut your hair only when it is necessary.

It Is Dry

Hair is similar to plants; they both need moisture to grow. Dry hair is prone to breakage so it is crucial to moisturize your hair as regularly as possible. It is advised not to use pomades or oils as they clog pores blocking the secretion of natural oils.

Using Wrong Products

Stay away from products that contain sulphates in their ingredients because they form a coating on the hair not allowing it to breathe. Instead of using these products purchase organic hair products.

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