Top Restaurants In The City Of San Francisco

The beautiful San Francisco Bay Area is home to many popular attractions, and it does not disappoint when it comes to culinary delights. If you will be vacationing in San Francisco or live in the area and are looking for some new places to dine, you have no shortage of options. Below is a list of some of the top picks for dining in the Bay Area.

Top Restaurants In The City Of San Francisco

Papalote Mexican Grill

Papalote Mexican Grill was voted by USA Today as one of the “10 Great Places to Bite Into a Big Burrito.” While their burritos are legendary, their prices are quite affordable. You can order their burritos with carne asada, chicken, prawns, vegetarian or vegan. What makes their burritos really stand out is their specialty roasted tomato salsa, sold by the jar. They have two locations in the Bay Area: 3409 24th Street (415-970-8815) or 1777 Fulton Street (415-776-0106).

Ton Kiang

This Zagat-rated restaurant is not only voted as having the best Chinese food in town but as having the best dim sum in the city, as well. They make all of their sauces and wines from scratch and cook in the traditional Hakka tradition. You can order your meals individually, or you can order combinations designed for two or three people to share. They have one location at 5821 Geary Boulevard (415-752-4440).

Zuni’s Café

Zuni’s has been a San Francisco fixture since 1979. They are a foodie’s dream and have a menu that changes daily. One constant you will find on the menu at all times of the year is their impressive oyster selection. Besides the delicious food, a copper-topped bar, expansive windows and stylish décor will be sure to draw you in. To complement your meals, Zuni’s offers a wine selection of over 100 selections from around the world. They have one location at 1658 Market Street (415-552-2522).

State Bird Provisions

While this restaurant is casual, it is tricky to get into. In summer of 2013, they have been temporarily closed as they expand the restaurant to the space next door to cut down on wait times, so be sure to call ahead to make sure they’re back open.

This is a dinner-only restaurant that opens at 5:30 p.m., and they specialize in California’s state bird, the quail. The menu is coined as “Californian cuisine,” but they include fusions from the foods of many different cultures that reside in the Bay Area. They offer both traditional and family-style dining. They have one location at 1529 Fillmore Street (415-795-1272).


If you are looking for a Bay Area restaurant that features local fare from nearby farms and farmers markets, Frances is your top pick. You can truly taste the difference when your ingredients are farm fresh. This, combined with Chef Melissa Perello’s ability to create decadent cuisine, and you are in foodie heaven! Due to the seasonality of the fresh meat, seafood and produce, the menu at Frances changes daily. Reservations are hard to come by, so plan ahead. There is one location at 3870 17th Street (415-621-3870).

If you live in the Bay Area, all of these restaurants should be added to you list. However, if you are vacationing, you may not be able to squeeze them all in, so pick the ones that speak to you the most.


Dillon Pritchard is a freelance writer based in Las Vegas, Nevada. To learn more about culinary schools in California check out this valuable information from an established and reputable source.

Image credit goes to Klearchos Kapoutsis.