Tips to Look More Young and Beautiful

ten beauty tipsLooking young and beautiful has always been a concern for people. There are legends, myths, stories and even historical events that talk about how important beauty has been to some people and how greedy others were to get it. So how can you stay beautiful these days without using any chemicals?


skin careFirst, you should focus on taking care of your skin properly. There are millions of products in the cosmetic industry that promise you smooth skin and other important qualities, but this is something that doesn’t necessarily happen. Test organic products that can easily work with your skin in a natural way.

A second idea is to use sunscreen. Never play with the sun when it comes to your skin. A young and beautiful body is the one that is exposed to the sun properly. Don’t overplay your card just because something hasn’t happened to you yet; be safe in order to live longer and better.

Third,you should limit your makeup to key products if possible. Many people think of makeup as their best friend, but there are some chemicals and ingredients used in some of them which are really harmful for the body when used on a long-term basis. It’s really important to know what you use so that you can be aware of what ingredients are harmful for you or not.

Body care

exerciseAn additional idea here is linked to exercise. Believe it or not, there are millions of toxins in your body that need to be eliminated on a daily basis. This happens through sweat and sport, and if you don’t practice it regularly, your body will be affected. There are many cases of people who have had huge skin infections, because they haven’t managed to clean their bodies properly.

Furthermore, you should keep your body as hydrated as possible. You know that your body consists of 70% water, so you need to keep that level as high as possible in order to function properly. If this balance is upset, your skin will suffer because it doesn’t get the amount of water it needs on a daily basis.

Finally,mind what you eat. A beauty tip that is given by the people in the Far East is related to the things that you eat. Your body is so complex that it works incredibly when it comes to assimilating the proteins from what you consume. This means that, if you give your body chemicals and foods that are treated inorganically, it will adapt accordingly, and the youngness and beauty of your body will be affected.

Clothing is important!

Another detail that you should know about is that you should consider wearing purple, black or orange lipstick. These colors give the visual impression of a younger person. Be subtle when it comes to the colors that you use; if you exaggerate them, people will spot the difference.

Also,watch what you wear. Pay attention to your clothes as they can make you look five years younger or ten years older. It’s up to you to watch for great textures and some unusual designs in order to have the appearance that you want to have.

Attitude and posture

Next,be careful of your posture. If you don’t have a straight back during the entire day, your body will age in that direction. It’s said that a poor posture will make you look older and a lot grumpier. So stay straight, and put a smile on that face.

Last,confidence is key if you really want to be seen as young and beautiful. Think about how such a person feels when he or she walks down the street, and try to act accordingly. If you feel confident, you will be confident.

Author Bio:

Mary Downy – healthcare blogger and experienced make-up artist. She learn and got details of make-up and style from Beauty school London and from her personal experience she wrote this article.