Top travel groups for senior women

Senior travelers, especially senior women, may want help when planning or organizing international travel. Guided travel from groups oriented toward senior trips offer group travel where all of the small details are taken care of. This peace of mind, coupled with itineraries designed specifically for the older traveler, can allow senior women the opportunity to visit places they’ve always dreamed of in a supportive and safe environment.

Types of Trips

Elder Treks Eldertreks specializes in leading travel for those over 50, although anyone over 18 is allowed to come as companion to a senior traveler. Sample trips include the Grand Southeast Asia tour, which stops in Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Burma, tour Bangkok, cruise the Mekong River Delta and view southeast Asian temples. Eldertreks offers excursions throughout North American, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

Road ScholarOlder women interested in educational travel won’t want to miss Road Scholar, which offers tours across the globe. Sample trips include a two-week boat trip through Italy, Croatia, Greece and Albania. View the Acropolis in Athens, explore Venice and see St. Mark’s at night and wander Croatian villages. Road Scholar trips are coordinated by senior travel nonprofit Elderhostel and are coed.

Walking the World Designed for the active senior woman, Walking the World trips span the globe from Costa Rica or Ireland to Utah’s National Parks or Madagascar. A two-week Madagascar excursion includes wildlife observation in Perinet National Park and Peyreiras Reptile Park, hot mineral springs and birding in Ranomafana, and a dug-out pirogue trip to Nosy Ve island with options for snorkeling or coral reef diving.

Senior Women’s Travel ToursSWT, Senior Women’s Travel Tours, focuses on trips for the single senior woman, and wants to help older women experience the joys of travel even if they do not have a companion. Sample trips include a Paris vacation that offers the chance to attend a fashion show, a chocolate tour and a bus tour of top Paris attractions. SWT offers select tours that are open to men and women, as well as “grandmother/granddaughter” tours of Paris and Venice and cruises.

50Plus Expeditions – This tour group also specializes in curating travel experiences for senior travelers, and tries to eliminate those pesky single fees that can discourage solo travelers from group tours, cruises and other guided excursions. Save money by traveling with 50Plus. Trips come in three activity levels: Easy, with two to three hours of active time per day, Moderate, with four to six hours of active time per day, and Demanding, which is very active and limited to travelers in top shape. Trips span the globe so there is sure to be something that excites.

Be Prepared

Senior travelers will need to ensure they have adequate supplies of any prescription medications, since getting drugs overseas can be both challenging and costly. Consider booking travel medical insurance for seniors before embarking on one of these amazing adventures, since you never know what you will encounter when traveling.

If you’ve never tried group travel, give one of these amazing senior-oriented tours a try. Programs span the globe, so there’s bound to be something for everyone. As you explore places you’ve only dreamed of, you may make new friends, enjoy experiences of a lifetime and make new memories to cherish.