Traveling With Kids: What To Enjoy–And What To Avoid!

Traveling with kids is always an adventure, no matter where you destination might be. Follow these tips on what to enjoy (and what to avoid) when traveling with children, and you’ll take the stress out of your next trip.

In The Car

Unless you want to be asked, “Are we there yet?” over and over again, be armed with plenty of activities to keep your kids occupied while on the road. Not only will this help you keep your sanity, but it will also keep distractions at bay, allowing you to keep your focus safely on the road. Pack hand-held games and books. Stock up on board travel games with magnetized pieces. Make a playlist of your children’s favorite songs or play fun games like I-Spy or 21 Questions.

Allow plenty of time in your itinerary for rest stops, giving everyone ample opportunities to stretch their legs and use the restroom. Not only will this provide a much-needed break for children, but it will refresh the driver as well.

Traveling With Kids: What To Enjoy--And What To Avoid!

At The Airport

Going through airport security is a nerve-wracking experience for anyone, but imagine how strange it must seem to your children. Before you fly, be sure to talk to your children about what to expect at the airport. Let them know that their favorite stuffed animal may have to go through an X-ray machine. Let children over twelve know that they’ll need to remove their shoes at the security checkpoint. Ask security guards to help with folding up strollers and gathering your bags. Once you have made it through security, spend some time with your child watching the planes. Get them excited about the idea of flying before they even step foot on the plane.

In The Hotel

Before you book your lodgings, be sure to find accommodations that are family-friendly. Look for amenities like a pool, game room or continental breakfast. A specialist from Cartier Place & Towers Suite Hotels recommends checking online hotel reviews to make sure you find a place that is clean and safe. See if the hotel you choose offers any discounts for children or for adjoining rooms.

Throughout Your Trip

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when traveling with children is that everything takes longer, so build plenty of extra time into your itinerary. You will have more luggage to take care of, more passports to keep secure, more opinions on what to do next, and more tantrums to wait out. Furthermore, children love exploring, and every new locale provides new things to see. Allow yourself to take some time out to explore with them, and see the sights through their wondrous eyes.

With a little bit of planning before your next trip, you can be sure that the travel memories your family creates are happy ones.