Trendy Leather Footwear: Caring For Leather Shoes

Trendy leather footwear adds elegance and class to your attire. It is the option for most of the people that want to make an impression at occasions which are important. Whether impressing your likely employer or finalizing a business deal; you can always trust leather footwear when it gets to making an impression. However leather does not come cheap, and hence requires you to take good care of it. Below are some of the tips which will be of assistance to you in adding life and maintaining the elegance in your leather shoes.

Trendy Leather Footwear: Caring For Leather Shoes

Many people mistakenly think that the daily polishing of shoes is sufficient to take of them. However, this isn’t true. It requires you to take on a customary shoe care routine, in case you want to preserve their elegance in the due course. Below are the steps which would make up a characteristic shoe care routine.


After you have used your footwear, use a clean cloth to clean them. This serves the purpose of removing dust particles which are adhering to the shoe. A brush can be used to remove the stubborn particles. During the rainy seasons, formulate a stricter cleaning routine. This is because during such periods, the mud which clings to the footwear dries up and then results in the flaking of leather. If possible, you should avoid putting on leather shoes during monsoons. Cleaning solutions such as gels, creams, sprays and foams should be used to clean the dirt inside the crevices.


You may use a good quality conditioner obtained from the market or opt for petroleum jelly. Apply a little petroleum jelly on top of the shoe and use a soft cloth to mop it in circular motions. Your shoes should be conditioned at least once every week so as to hold on to the shine and maintain the elegance. The conditioner should be selected according to the leather’s texture. Properly dry the shoes after condition.


When polishing the shoes, use an acknowledged shoe polish. Don’t compromise on the polish’s quality. Polish the shoes regularly depending on the frequency of usage. The look of any old and worn-out shoe can completely be changed by a brand new coat of polish. On the other hand, in case you desire to change your footwear’s color, don’t attempt to do it by means of a different polish. You may head to a shoe repair shop to get that color changed.


In case you do not utilize the leather footwear on a regular basis, hoard them in an appropriate way. Don’t ever put your shoes away immediately after use. Let them dry properly; if not, they will get covered with fungus. Dust a little talcum-powder and then cover the shoes inside with paper-napkin. Carefully wrap the shoes in a paper, and without upsetting their profile, store them inside a cloth bag.


Leather footwear has higher chances of catching fungal infestation. In order to protect them from fungus, dry them well at all times after you have used them. Don’t worry even when you find your footwear covered in fungus. The fungus can always be removed. With soap solution and a tooth brush, remove the fungus from your shoe. The crevices should be thoroughly cleaned, ensuring that no bit infestation is left behind. Get the shoes dried in bright sunlight.

Only a little concern is desirable to ensure that your investment in trendy leather footwear remains valuable for as long as it is meant to be. Hopefully, the tips above will help you achieve that goal.