2 Top Tips For Booking The Ultimate Wedding Band

When it comes to booking a band as entertainment for your wedding reception, you ultimately have to consider a number of things including what style of music the band play, how much they cost and whether or not they’re available for your chosen date. It can be a strong headache causer trying to book a wedding band (or DJ if that’s more your preference) if you’re not organised and, with that in mind, we’ve spoken with leading Essex based A.T. Music Agency to bring you two top tips for booking and securing the ultimate wedding band to entertain your guests at your reception!

  • Book As Far In Advance As Possible

Don’t, whatever you do, leave booking your reception entertainment until last minute! All the best acts will be booked up months, if not sometimes years, in advance and to be sure of the date your wedding is on, you need to make enquiries as soon as you’ve secured it! Do some research and find out the style of act you want and see what’s available. Music agencies are often a good bet as you’ll easily be able to choose from a whole host of styles very quickly and easily, finding out their availability and seeing their set lists! As we say though, book as far in advance as possible and, in doing so, you won’t be disappointed finding out that your preferred act is booked up as, in the unlikely event that they are, you’ll have plenty of time to find a replacement!

2 Top Tips For Booking The Ultimate Wedding Band

  • Consider Your Options

In addition to being in a position to book your chosen act as far in advance as possible, it pays to consider your options and have a careful think on them! Regardless of whether you’re booking an act through an agency or not, you need to consider what is available and what best suits you. Would you, the bride and groom, prefer a tribute act to your favourite band? Would you prefer a general wedding band who will play all your favourite hits from your favourite artists? Or would you prefer things to be a little more laid back and simply have a DJ who is open to requests on the night? It’s all about who you as a couple are and what’s ultimately going to appeal most to you and your guests! Try to be considerate as to what your guests like as well as what you like and always try to find a happy medium! Always consider all your options, however and you wont be left wishing you’d booked something else on the day!

So there you go…our top tips for booking the ultimate wedding bands and entertainment for your big day! Book as far in advance as possible and you’ll see yourself having plenty of time to look forward to it as opposed to running round at the last minute wishing you’d sorted things sooner!