Using A Bailiff To Find A Missing Debtor

How Can You Find A Missing Debtor?
If you are in the unfortunate situation where you have lent someone a large amount of money and they have disappeared, a private detective can help you by locating them. You will need to give the detective as much information as you possibly can, including photographs, a full description and other information such as age, occupation, hobbies and pastimes. Some people are creatures of habit and will do the same thing day in day out or even month in month out. They may visit their mother on the first Tuesday of the month every month even after they are hiding from everyone else. Equally they may still go to their local pub or club and not think that anyone would think to look for them there. Many may still keep the same job and go religiously like they did before. Other things that could find the debtor are that they will turn up to a family or friend’s wedding or birthday party. They may not realise that you have gone to a private detective to find them. They may have even annoyed someone else who will stitch them up and tell you where they are hiding.
Using A Bailiff To Find A Missing Debtor
What Will You Do To Find Them?
Any private investigator in Bristol or any part of the UK can do a number of things once you have given them all the information you have on the missing debtor. A search on the internet and social network sites can open up a lot of leads and it is possible they have a new site giving answers to a lot of questions. Database searches could help find them through where they have registered on the electoral role register and other searches within the public domain can, again provide leads. Door to door enquiries in the last know area they lived might throw up a connection to where they are now. A friend of a friend may have seen him out and unwittingly reveal his cover. He may be living with a relative and our team discover this and set up a six hour session of surveillance to prove that he is living at that address. Keeping a look out for his car as it may show up somewhere like his local pub or club. The investigation could take a week or a month but the person should be located or traced by that time.

How Can I Get My Money?
That is something that you may have to go to court to do. If you have an address for the person you can send them court papers and a magistrate can deal with them. It may get paid back straight away as he may not wish to go to court or it could go all the way and you end up getting paid back £1 a week. It all depends on how much money the person has and if it is worth them getting into trouble. You could employ a bailiff to retrieve some of their property to pay for the debt, but that depends on the amount of money that they owe you.

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