Vaping: A Healthier Alternative To Smoking?

Everyone knows that smoking is a poor health choice, but they have no idea just how many people are affected by smoking every day. Statistics show that there have been more than 1 smoking-related deaths in the 21st century alone, compared to the 100 million caused by smoking in the 20th century. More than 25% of the deaths in America are the result of smoking, and a person dies every 6 seconds as a result of a tobacco related disease.

But what if there was a healthier alternative?

Vaping: A Healthier Alternative To Smoking?

The Electronic Alternatives

For those who prefer a safer, healthier alternative to smoking, there are two electronic options available:

  1. The e-cig — The electronic cigarette looks like a regular cigarette, and almost feels like one too. It uses a cartridge containing nicotine vapor, which is released when you suck on the electronic cigarette.
  2. The vaporizer — The vaporizer looks a bit more like a pen than a cigarette, and it contains liquid nicotine that is burned when the vaporizer heats up. The vapor is released when the liquid boils, and it provides a nice puff of nicotine for your pleasure.

Why are these considered safer and healthier than regular cigarettes?

  • No tar or carcinogens — The fact that cigarettes contain tar means that you’re going to be inhaling a whole lot impurities with each puff. Thankfully, e-cigs and vaporizers contain no tar, so there’s nothing that will coat your lungs with harmful particles. There’s far less damage to your lungs and throat thanks to the electronic alternatives.
  • No smoke — Both electronic alternatives are able to be used indoors thanks to the fact that they don’t release any smoke. You can find devices that release a vapor if you want, but regular e-cigs and vaporizers are clean enough to be used indoors.

The E-Cig

The electronic cigarette is much more commonly used, as it’s probably the most widely available device. They can be used anywhere, and you’ll find that they provide you with the same nicotine rush that you get with a regular cigarette. They’re clean, and much safer for your smoking use than regular cigarettes.

However, the downside of the e-cig is that you’ll always have to use the same brand. Many cartomizers only attach to a battery of the same brand, and they’re not available everywhere. You can only choose the various flavors and nicotine strengths offered by your particular brand, so you don’t have as many options.

The Vaporizer

What makes the vaporizer so good is that you have so many more options to choose from. The liquid can be bought from any supplier, and the liquid cartridges will attach to any vaporizer. You have a lot more flavor and strength options, and you’ll be able to enjoy the sensation of smoking a lot more thanks to the fact that the liquid in the vaporizer is actually being burned as you smoke. They last a lot longer than e-cigs, and they’re customizable.

The downside is that the vaporizers are a bit more expensive, and you’ll have to order the cartridges online.

Which is Better?

Smoking definitely isn’t a healthy choice, but for those that need to smoke, portable vaporizers and e-cigs provide an alternative that does far less damage to your body. Vaping is an alternative that will allow you to smoke anywhere and at any time, and without filling your body with tar, strong smoke, and carcinogens. It can help you to scale back your cigarette intake, with the end goal of eventually quitting altogether. You’ll find that vaping will enable you to wean yourself off nicotine and cigarettes easily over time, so it’s definitely worth considering!