To maintain an overall healthy body is everyone’s dream. For some , following a balanced diet, a healthy eating  and some physical activities might do wonders but not for excessively overweight or obese people. VLCD is exactly that one ray of hope for those individuals suffering from obesity and other related problems that follow.

VLCD implies, following a strict diet in terms of calorie intake. As the name suggests “very low calorie diet” (VLCD), in this typical diet one takes less than 1000 calories , usually 500-800 calories a day which is significantly lower than normal that is 2000-2500 calories  per day, approximately. As it is evident that when a VLCD is followed , the intake of calories reduces remarkably. Thus, the body is prompted to use the fat stored in the body to release energy, which is also known as ketosis.

The VLCD plan enables a person to maintain same nutrient level as required while providing 1000 calories a day. In this very low calorie diet people consume food normally in powdered form which act as the counterparts of otherwise eaten food and contain various nutrients such as minerals vitamins and proteins needed by the human system.

The benefits of a VLCD plan are not just limited to substantial weight loss in a much less time but it also has a much wider perspective to it. With this diet highly obese people especially those having a BMI of 30 or more can  lose weight to a noticeable level in a much lesser time and with much lesser effort than in other counterpart dietary regimes. A lesser effort means more persistence and thus a higher success rate in achieving the goal.

Through a VLCD plan one can lose up to 3-5 pounds a week which is amazing. Such a weight loss can improve obesity and other  concomitant complications like it reduces blood pressure, insomnia remarkably. Along with this, it also improves glycemic control  and increases insulin sensitivity and thus is good for obese and patients suffering from type 2 diabetes.

A very significant role of a low calorie diet resulting in weight reduction is that it also reverses signs of ageing. A lower weighing person is found to live at least 8-10 years more than a severely obese person and thus also helpful in achieving longevity.

And lastly a VLCD plan not only affects people in measurable terms of reduction in physical weight but also the motivation and the morale boost which comes along  with it. They also feel desired and deserving of other people and this in turn motivates them further to continue with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. However, one should never forget to consult an experienced physician to reap the maximum benefits of a VLCD plan easily and quickly.

Thus, it may be concluded that a VLCD plan taken under strict medical guidance can do wonders for more than average overweight people both in medical and holistic ways.