Warm Up Excercise? How About Cooling Down

These days so many people have started exercising it’s amazing. More and more people are getting into fitness than ever before. You could say that nearly everyone these days wants to fight some kind of battle against being overweight or some other unhealthy condition. This has happened because people have slowly begun to realize the importance of physical exercise and have started to take more time out of their schedule to exercise for at least an hour or so daily. This has started to increase the number of healthier people in the world, but there are problems that can arise due to the fact that most people do not exercise really properly. These problems makes it very easy for people to lose energy as they get tired too quickly. But there are other problems too.
Warm Up Excercise How About Cooling Down

If people practice the wrong way, they tend to grow muscles in strange shapes and sizes. This happens when your exercise is not really able to target the right muscle groups. The main problem arising from exercising improperly is that of chronic muscle damage. If these sort of injuries are not taken care of in time or if you do not start exercising correctly, they may end up doing some permanent damage to you eventually.

There is a possibility that you could get damaged even if you do exercise the right way. This can happen because of the fact that, while most people are familiar with warm ups, very few people know of the expression ‘cooling down’. Most people tend to continue with their daily routines when their training is over. That is when they make this mistake. After they have done their intense workout they should then do some cooling down exercises so that they can get the body back to its normal state.

Some people ask me why these cooling down exercises are needed. They are important for many reasons. Firstly, when you have finished a  high intensity work out session, your body can produce a lot of adrenaline. When you end with some cooling down exercises the adrenaline in the blood can start to decrease slowly.

Your heart becomes very active during a workout and starts pumping blood to the muscles at a very frantic pace. This can further rise if the exercise is a cardiovascular exercise. If you bring an abrupt end to the workout session, and there is no pumping action that provides blood to the heart from the muscles then that can lead to a pretty serious condition known as blood pooling. There is also a good chance that there will be a lot of waste products in your blood stream as well. Studies have shown that a particular state develops in the muscles due to lack of cooling down exercises. This condition is called delayed onset of muscle soreness. As the muscles that have focused on a workout starts to hurt usually a few hours after your practice.

There are many ways to cool down. One way to do this is to simply lower the intensity of the exercise. This type of cooling is done primarily in cardiovascular exercises such as running and jogging. If you just slow down your pace of jogging, it will automatically turn it into a cooling down exercise.

Another way to efficient cool down is to stretch. It is one of the most efficient exercises when it comes to avoiding muscle soreness. While stretching, pay attention to the areas that you’ve been working out that day. This helps to improve the growth of the muscles in those areas too.

So now that you’ve learnt some of the benefits of these so called cooling down exercises, hopefully you’ll be able to incorporate them into your daily routine. Have fun getting healthy!

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