Water Ionizer FAQ

Our bodies are made of mostly water, and we cannot go very long without it before we risk serious health problems, and even death. Staying well-hydrated is not only necessary to keep our bodies functioning optimally, it offers many other health benefits from glowing skin to curbing our appetite. But, not all water is created equal, and you only want the pure, good stuff coursing through your body. Ionized water may be particularly beneficial, and here are some questions about water ionizers, the gadget used to create it.

What is Ionized Water?

Ionized water sounds very fancy but the concept is quite simple. When something is ionized, it is either gaining or losing an electron. Ionized water becomes either acidic or alkaline. Consuming foods and beverages that are alkaline may offer many health benefits by reducing the level of acidity in your body. High acid levels are thought to contribute to myriad health problems.

How is Ionized Water Made?

Ionized water is made by running it over negative and positive electrodes. As it passes through the membranes of the ionizer, the water is separated into acidic or alkaline fluid.

Water Ionizer FAQ

What are the Benefits of Ionized Water?

Ionized water is thought to be beneficial for four key reasons. This type of water is a powerful antioxidant—substances that help repair and prevent numerous types of cell damage that cause everything from aging to cancer. Antioxidants in liquid form may be absorbed better by the body than pill supplements. Secondly, ionized water donates extra electrons to free radicals, which are oxygen molecules that are missing one electron. This creates more oxygen in the body, which can increase energy levels and create an internal environment that is more inhospitable to disease-causing processes. Thirdly, the alkaline nature of the water helps balance the pH of your body. The average diet consists of many foods that are highly acidic in nature, like soda and processed foods. Many health experts believe an acidic environment is a prime breeding ground for all sorts of diseases.

Last and certainly not least is the fact that ionized water has a different molecular cluster size. It is much smaller and because of this, is thought to hydrate the body more effectively and more successfully bind with toxins and flush them out of the body. In fact, when following a detoxification program, it is often recommended to use this type of water as opposed to regular.

Ionized water can have a powerful effect on the body, and since you have spent years creating an acidic environment, you should ease into ionized water slowly to acclimate yourself. Drinking too much initially may lead to side effects such as headaches and intestinal upset.

What Does It Taste Like?

Ionized water does not taste dramatically different from regular water. But, many who consume it say it has a smoother taste. This is due to the size and shape of the molecules.

How Do I Start Using It?

It is good to start off drinking a bit and working your way up. Initially, aim for one to three glasses each day, and if all is well, you can keep increasing it. You also want to gradually increase the pH. The ideal range is 9.5 to 10. You may experience symptoms common with detoxification, but they only last a short time.

You can find ionized water for sale in various types of stores, but if you really want a steady, fresh supply, you might consider purchasing a water ionizer. There are many available, and you want to research them to find out important information you need to know for your purchase, such as which water ionizer has the best warranty.

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