Ways To Eliminate Cellulite

The last thing that you do not want to worry while lying on a beach side is cellulite. But do not let skin lumps dampen your spirits and stop you from enjoying the beach. Instead, devise a plan to stop cellulite or at least camouflage it using these tips and products.

Firm, toned and cellulite-free legs is possible with regular exercise, proper diet and cellulite treatment

Understand Cellulite First and Foremost

Cellulite sucks, that is the actual word that describes it. And if your mom has it, chances are you too can have it. The dimpled texture of the skin is caused when fat is pressed up against the vertical connective tissue that envelops the fat cells. The pressing results cause fat cells to bulge creating a dimpled effect – imagine your skin pushing through fishnet stockings.

Even if your genes have it, there are still ways to curb cellulite…

Eat a Healthy Diet

Cliché it may seem, a healthy diet is a huge factor to keep your cellulite at bay. Eat foods that are rich in fiber and whole grain foods like oat, cereals and bran. These foods help body remove waste and toxins regularly.

Skip on high-sodium processed foods as salt causes water retention causing your cellulite to bulge more so with frozen foods. Pre-seasoned foods and potato chips are major fat offenders so trade them with fruits and vegetables instead.

Increasing your water intake will help your body shed its excess fat. The water also helps strengthen the skin’s collagen thereby minimizing the lumpy appearance.

Exercise Regularly

Cellulite is fat and an excess weight can aggravate it. Engage in physical exercise like yoga, jogging, walking and swimming several times a week.

Massage the Affected Spot

Cellulite massage features multiple nubs making it an effective way to curb the formation of cellulites. It boosts circulation and breaks up the fluid build-up underneath the skin thus evens out the dimply texture of the skin.

Use an Exfoliator
Massage nubs can be uncomfortable to some and thus opt for caffeine-infused body scrub concentrating more on problem areas like buttocks and thighs. It is recommended to hydrate your skin with moisturizer like avocado oil after exfoliation as this will hydrates and plumps your skin afterwards.

Smooth on a Serum

Blast off cellulite with anti-cellulite products with Coenzyme Q10 or any products that contain antioxidants like vitamin A, C, and E, as they improve skin’s elasticity. Other promising products to consider are the ones formulated with L-Carnitine and lotus leaf extract.

Wear Slimming Workout Gear

Instead of wearing spandex you can wear garments with slimming effect. Some garments is out in the market right now infused with caffeine, retinol and vitamin E – these ingredients are known to tighten and hydrate skin making your legs firmer after you take them off.

Use Self Tanner

Self-tanners can ease your cellulite worry in a flash. Apply it in your thighs and instantly minimize the lumpy appearance of cellulites. Self-tanners are no doubt the best way to camouflage them.

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