Ways To Keep Your Shoe Cabinet Clean and Fresh

In many houses, the shoe cabinet is placed at the gate of the living room. Normally, it shoulders the burden of placing shoes as well as cats and dogs. There are keys, invoices etc. while in its body, the sexy high heels stay with the lovely wool slippers, the sport shoes are get in touch with the leather shoes. It seems that it is substantial and busy. However, it is often neglected by his owner. It needs protection as well. please do not put it aside. Melodyhome gives you some ideas on protecting your shoe cabinet.

First, use clean soft cloth scrub the appearance by schedule. This step is mainly clean the dust. Keep in minds that do not use normal water, wet cloth as well as stiff cloth to scrub the appearance, mirror part and glass. Bear in minds that do not touch acid, alkali and oily substances etc. on it. if the circumstance permitted, you can scrub the board with high purity industrial alcohol.

Second, you cannot knock the board with hard stuff, like hammer. And you cannot use knife to mark or cut, either. If you find the local crack on the board, you should fix it in time. Or it may widen the gap or bending or fully broken for a long time neglect.

Third, for the mirror part and glass dust, you had better use the expert detergent to clean. Otherwise, you cannot reach the clean effect.

Four, do the protection to your shoe cabinet regularly. Normally, you may do a protection every four months. After scrubbing the dust, you could put some wax on the surface and paint it averagely. The wax can prevent the shoe cabinet from moister, scratch and burning.

Ways To Keep Your Shoe Cabinet Clean and Fresh

Five, for the long time existing or hard to remove dirty, you might use cotton with little oil or alcohol to get rid of it. And then use the cotton cloth to stretch the wax and use the dry cloth to scrub it averagely so that it will not leave trails on it. As for the places where the paint is broken, if only the surface of the paint, you could use some fine waterproof abrasive paper with water to scrub the dirty point, then wax. As for the scratches, you could polish it directly with wax. For the scratches which are reaching the wood, you have to paint it again, and then wax. In this way, your shoe cabinet can keep long time shiny and anti-moister.

Six, you have to deodorize for your shoe cabinet after a long period. As long as you put some Han Zi, the odorous smell can easily be removed. And it will produce fresh flavor. Of course, the mothball is a good choice, either. However, the mothball is harmful to the health. the family with kids especially should avoid to use it. What’s more, you could put some lime packed with crocus cloth in your shoes, it can uptake the water and deodorize. You can find more ways on melodyhome.