Ways To Save BIG While Buying Furniture

Everyone love Ethan Allen but not everyone has the budget to afford $3000 on a living room leather sofa.  On the other hand, if you are not interested in buying used or old furniture, then do not fret!  For those budget minded buyers, who cannot afford high-end furniture but donot want to go for “cheap” here are several tips that will help them save big on buying their new furniture for their living room, bedroom or Kitchen.

Most of these tips are coming directly from the people who have spent time in big furniture stores as a salesperson. So, here you go!

– Save on “Free Delivery”

No matter if, you are buying furniture online from some website or through an offline store, one thing common in both is the “Free Delivery” option. We all know that this free is not free and somehow retailers adjust the cost of delivery within the product you are buying.

The idea is to bargain and ask the salesperson that you can pick the item yourself if he is willing to cut some cost in the final bill. The reason why this is a good deal is because delivery cost will be somewhere around $50 to $100 here as you will have the margin to cut the cost to $300 to $500 depending on the total cost of the purchase.

Make sure you get a guy who can carefully transfer the furniture from shop to your home because any damage during the delivery period will cost you much more then what you are trying to save.

– Sale or No Sale

You don’t really have to wait for the next Christmas or Black Friday to buy furniture on sale but almost all furniture shops have sales on many of their products from time to time. Actually, furniture companies usually can offer great deals as their furniture is often marked up significantly: According to professionals this number land in between 30 to 40%.

Sale or No Sale, if you are good at bargaining you can always get a discount as they will not leave a customer for couple of hundred bucks and you on the other hand will save some extra cash on the purchase of furniture.

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– Consider Buying Floor Samples

Yes, you will definitely not see a price tag on these pieces of furniture but if you are a smart buyer you can always ask sales person to pick up individual pieces of furniture that are put out as samples.

Be a smart shopper and ask for those samples but make sure that the piece you are planning to buy is in its best condition because most of the time displays furniture gets some scratches here and there.

If the piece you are planning buy is in good condition or a fresh hand of polish can make it look new again, in that case you should go for it because display items usually can be purchased on 30% and more on discounts.

– Consider Checking Internet

Internet is another place to find good deals and discounts on furniture. The idea is to make a list of all the furniture websites and brands and then go for each websites to see where the discounts are available.

Most of the time furniture brands websites update people about the available discounts on their blog from time to time. If you see the available discount on the products, you are planning to buy, YAYE!

Another way you can get access to deals and discounts is by subscribing to websites like Groupon and Deals Pursue where brands try to market themselves by offering big discounts.

– Shop at the End of the Month

This is the approach that makes you a really smart buyer. The reason why you should shop at the end of the month or sometimes quarter is because every sales person got some targets that they have to finish within a month or quarter.

If you are going to shop at the end of the month or quarter they probably will be focusing more on hitting up their targets and this is the best chance to get some crazy discounts.

Use Credit Cards

If you are one of those, who are not in to using credit cards then let me tell you if you use them smartly, you can get some extra discounts and gifts and on the other hand you are not going in to debts.

The idea is to use credit card to pay and then pay off the balance immediately. Use of credit card will give you points that will lead you to exciting gifts and discounts.

There are several more ideas but above are the one that you can use instantly and they can really help you save big on your next furniture purchase.