Wedding Trends to Remember

It’s a once in a lifetime event that you’ll want to cherish with the perfect dress, cake and everything else in between! Your wedding day is something you have dreamed about since you were a little girl. That Cinderella moment that photos will capture for generations to see. There are so many things to remember on your special day, but a few trends that you definitely do not want to forget! These are just a few of the important items to keep in mind for your wedding that can make all the difference.

What You Wear: Whether you are buying a Vera Wang in New York or Atlanta tuxedo rentals at the last minute, what your crew wears will go down in history. There are fads galore, but here are a few that you won’t regret. 1- Cream colored dresses. White is great, but off white and cream colored gowns are hot this year! Some brides are even going with tan, but if you are craving something a little different (but not too over the top) stick with a creamy colored dress. 2- Tux deluxe. The tuxedo is not just black and white anymore – navy and khaki suits are making waves this summer. If this type of tux is not your cup of tea, try a print bow tie or vest (paisley and plaid are the “it” prints for 2013)

What You Eat: The one thing that people will remember about your wedding is what they ate. The days of sit down dinners are long gone. The latest trend in food are stations. Sushi, meat carving, desert and even baked potato bars are the way to go when planning your reception. This type of meal gives guests the freedom to mingle and sort of “forces” them to move around and enjoy testing the variety of foods. Cakes are not your average cakes anymore! Layers of unique flavors are popular as well as faux beading and crystals.

No matter what you choose, go with what YOU like! Your wedding should be a reflection of your style, not what other people want to see. The most important thing to remember is to enjoy yourself. These memories will last a lifetime, so make them unforgettable!

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