Welcome To The Wedding Day From Hell

My wedding day was a good one, at least, I married the woman of my dreams, and we now live a happy life together.  If I’m honest, however, there were times during the day itself when I wondered if I would even get through the day.
Rather than take this account as something to discourage you from ever wanting to get married yourself, I wholly recommend you ensure that you plan and consider every eventuality, and promise that doing so will help you to avoid the problems I had.

A Bad Start

For some reason, my phone alarm didn’t go off at the time it was supposed to. Now, you might think that this wouldn’t be a huge problem, except that I didn’t have anyone staying with me on that evening, thinking that everything would be fine.

It turned out that my phone had switched off, as I was stupid enough to play Angry Birds before hitting the sack, which ran the battery right down. I looked at the clock, and it was just two hours before I was due at the church. Excellent.

All Sorted…Almost

The time I had was not that big a deal. I made myself a protein shake and jumped into the shower, but when I got out, the problems kicked off again. Me, my best man, and a few of my friends had all got our suits at the same time, and I had hung them up at my place. Now, I didn’t have my suit, but one that was around four sizes too big!

Disaster had struck, but thankfully I had just got my usual work suit returned from the dry cleaners. Could I get away with it? It wasn’t a question I considered for long, the fact was that I would have to wear it. Short of turning up in jeans and a t-shirt, there wasn’t much else I could do.

Still, I headed out to the church without a worry, and the bride even turned up on time.

Hot Under the Collar

Wow, was the church hot. There wasn’t much I could do about it, but I was sweating like a donkey in a sauna bath, to the extent that I thought I was going to pass out. The ceremony even had to be suspended while someone ran to the shop over the road and got me a bottle of water.

To this day, my friends rib me for being nervous, but I’m telling you that church was like an oven. The fact that I had my wool suit on didn’t help, and I still haven’t heard the last of that, either.

All’s Well

Those issues may not seem much, but I promise you when it is your wedding day and all you want to do is get married, they become magnified a million times.

The fact that I made a bit of an idiot of myself later on the dance floor didn’t matter, either. Thankfully, our honeymoon didn’t start until a few days afterward. I just played Xbox while my bride took care of packing the bags and the passports, she learned on our wedding day I’m not to be trusted with the important things!

Adam is an online content writer with an interest in modern wedding trends, such as the emergence of black tungsten wedding bands as an alternative to traditional metals such as gold, silver, and platinum.