What Every Home Needs: 5 Ideas You Should Consider

Buying a new house is so exciting and overwhelming that new homeowners tend to forget important items they will need. New homeowners recognize they will need the basic essentials, but might not know about other items until a need arises. Here are 5 things new homeowners need to look for when moving in.

Window Fixtures

New homeowners will want to cover the windows the first day and night with whatever is at hand, usually bed sheets and tablecloths. Permanent window treatments are necessary to keep prying eyes out of the house while uppakcing. The new homeowners might want to consider reflective film for the windows because this, too, will save on the power bill. It will also raise the resale value of the house.

Itemize Insurance

Homeowners insurance should have been taken out at closing. However, the new homeowners may need to revise their itemization on the policy to include new equipment, appliances and other belongings of value after buying them. According to a Raleigh Insurance agent, radon and other gas testing equipment, fire alarms and intruder alarms should be the first things homeowners itemize. They can add value to the home in addition to protecting those in it.

what every home needs 5 ideas you should consider

Appliance Options

If the new homeowners bought an older house without appliances, it is a good idea to shop around to see the different options that can save money. EnergyStar rated items will save the new homeowners money on the power bill. Be sure to look at what can fit neatly in the space of your home. Consider buying items like a toaster oven which can cook small meals more quickly when first moving in.

Great Outdoors

Often new residents will need lawn equipment when suddenly they have inherited grass, trees, flowers and weeds that should be kept looking pruned back and well cared for. Lawn mowers come in many varieties and your local gardening store should have everything you need from new plants, to shears, ladders and watering cans.

A Trusty Tool Collection

New homeowners will need tools with which to adjust plumbing, screw in new locks on the doors and hang pictures. A basic tool collection should include hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, drill bits, socket wrenches, pliers and a tape measure. When buying a tool box, make sure you have various sizes for each tool and maybe even a double set to keep in the car or garage. With these tips, new homeowners can enjoy their new home, knowing they have what they need.