What is a Prom Dress and How to Choose them in Best Colors

Prom Color Should be Chosen Wisely!

Summer season is the best time for a prom dress, and nowadays, style, color and appearance have gained much importance. The word ‘prom’ is an abbreviation of “promenade”. In the past, perhaps a century ago, promenade is said to be the formal parade of couples inside the ballroom after they were publicly announced to be husband and wife before the guests.

Previously, prom dresses were considered to be for the American elites, but by late 1800s, the first ever proms were made for teenagers and children belonging to the middle strata of the society. At that time, teenagers used to dress up on Sunday for their high school banquets. By mid1900s, after the World War II, the designs and colors of proms took a new dimension and these dresses appeared in the markets with a new identity and outlook. By this time, proms became so popular that from ballroom to school banquets and country clubs, the teenagers and middle-aged women started wearing this dress.

What is a Prom Dress and How to Choose them in Best Colors

Favorite Dress of Teen Gals

Gals prefer to go out after adopting a striking and beautiful look. This is the reason that the color of proms should be perfect – the one that suits you. The most popular color of the current era is emerald green with swirling jewel tones. But the elegant black proms are also in vogue. The buyers need to decide from a range of colors, which looks a difficult thing to do, considering lots of choices available in prom dress.

Following are the tips to help narrow down your selections:

  • Colors such as white, corals, blue, red and tangerine are some of the beautiful choices. Women and girls with darker skins should prefer blue or red prom dresses,   as these colors attract attention.
  • Women and girls are also concerned about the style and decoration work on the prom. Proms with pastel work, swirling and subdued are the trend nowadays. Probably, prom’s theme will directly influence the dress.
  • Most girls choose prom dresses, in their favorite color, for the date. But then, they’re unlikely to wear any color that perfectly matches the shirt, tie or other accessories of their partner. Therefore, a safer method is to make the dress selection secondary as compared to the color.
  • The most important thing to keep in mind is not to compare yourself with your partner, or in short, don’t try to lead as everyone will be taking pictures. In addition, just relax, keep smiling and enjoy with your friends. Don’t worry too much about the pictures; they will be a part of your memories!