What Makes A Toothpaste The Best Toothpaste?

The hundreds of advertisements you get to see for hundreds of toothpastes can always make you believe in things that don’t really matter to you much. Furthermore, you will often find out that all toothpastes are not only categorized on the basis of their ingredients but also on their popularity. For example, a toothpaste known as the best toothpaste in the world will be naturally more expensive than other toothpastes made by the same manufacturer. But you don’t always have to believe these claims and never hold back from researching your options well before making a purchase of a toothpaste.

What Makes A Toothpaste The Best Toothpaste?Whitening, anti-plaque, desensitizing, fluoride, whitening and herbal toothpastes are the most common types of toothpastes you will find in any store. Fluoride free toothpaste has also jumped into the lineup and many people are moving towards this particular type of toothpaste recently. In fact, in many countries in Europe ingestion of fluoride has been harshly reprimanded due to its harmful effects on the joints, bones, digestive system and other organs of the body. Modern dentists are now confused in suggesting fluoride to the patients because many studies conducted recently have not talked very much in favor of using fluoride, especially orally.
As for the question what makes a toothpaste the best toothpaste the answer is simple; a toothpaste that addresses your needs is the best one. If your teeth are alright, the dentist said you don’t need any special treatments and the regular cleaning will be enough for you, you better go for a moderately known toothpaste. You don’t have to go for the most expensive toothpaste or if you want you can stick to a whitening toothpaste with abrasion ratings within recommended spectrum. Mouth wash liquids, flossing and other oral products can also be used in order to keep your teeth clean.

If you have cavities in your teeth you should go for toothpaste that contains fluoride. If you have major issues with plaque and tartar you should go for toothpastes that are specifically manufactured to fight them. If you have sensitivity issues with your teeth you can go for desensitizing toothpaste. If all you want is a good looking smile and shiny white teeth, you can go for whitening toothpaste. If you are sensitive to synthetic ingredients you can try the herbal toothpaste. If you are sensitive to fluoride you can pick the fluoride free toothpaste from the shelf.

It is not funny to have different types of toothpastes at home from different brands because different people have different issues with their teeth. You might be suffering from bleeding gums and tartar while your children might have cavities in their teeth. In this scenario, it is natural to have different types of toothpastes in your bathroom. Even if you are using the best toothpaste for your family, don’t overlook and ignore the importance of regular checkups with your nearest dentist. These routinely dental care is for prevention of dental diseases but when a disease has already attacked your teeth, you must seek professional help.