What To Expect At The Chiropractor’s Office

The first trip to a chiropractor might feel a little intimidating. When someone begins to treat with any new provider, whether it is a specialist, therapist or chiropractor, they might not be certain what to expect. In some cases, the individual might be worried about pain associated with treatment or they might wonder how much improvement they can expect. In these cases, it is best to know what to expect both before, during and after treatment with a chiropractor.

What To Expect At The Chiropractor’s Office

Before Treatment

Initially, the chiropractor will go through the individual’s medical file in order to determine the underlying cause and initial diagnosis. Usually, when someone is going to a chiropractor, it is at the referral of another doctor. That is why it is best to bring all the prior medical records with them at the time of the appointment. Then, the chiropractor will discuss the patients history and current symptoms, as well as what they expect to get out of treatment. Depending on the level of pain and the type of condition, the chiropractor might recommend additional diagnostic studies or treatments in conjunction with a chiropractic routine.

During Treatment

The chiropractor will take the patient through a series of movements called adjustments. This will be done in order to adjust curves, known as subluxations, in the spine. While doing those motions, the patient might feel a little pressure or in some cases, mild pain. However, following the adjustment, they will feel some relief as the pressure from the vertebrate is taken off the nerve.

After Treatment

It is not uncommon for those having chiropractic adjustments to feel a little sore following treatment. In some cases, they might feel a bit lightheaded as well. This is usually due to the release of trapped toxins that are working their way out of the body. It is important to take it easy following a visit to the chiropractor, as the muscles might be in a fragile condition. However, after the initial soreness if over, most patients will feel a significant reduction in their pain and will feel more energetic. In addition, they might notice improvements in both posture and stamina.

Chiropractic treatment is a great option for those recovering from an injury or for those with a chronic condition. Not only can a chiropractor help with back pain, they can also help with common complaints caused by poor posture or trapped nerves.