What To Expect When Getting Your Teeth Whitened

Professional teeth whitening will accelerate the teeth bleaching process through light energy. The effects will generally last for months but are contingent upon the lifestyle of the individual. For example, if the individual is a chain smoker or drinks large amounts of coffee, their teeth will fade in color faster.

Before a dentist will conduct teeth whitening they will check your teeth. This includes taking a patient history and dental history, observing the tissues in the mouth, observing the conditions and placement of the teeth, and at times using x-rays to determine any irregularities among the teeth.

Gel bleaching can use a high-concentration gel or a low-concentration gel. The high concentration gel is used in a dentist office for professional teeth whitening. The whitening is performed by the application of the oxidizing agent to the teeth through the use of thin, plastic trays. These trays stay in place for a short period of time and the results are very fast. The trays are well fitted to the teeth in order to retain the gel, ensure full exposure, and ensure even exposure to all of the teeth. The trays are typically placed on the teeth for fifteen to twenty minutes. These trays are removed and the process done one or two more times. The professional teeth whitening in San Francisco use a light cured layer which is painted onto the gums to reduce the risk of any chemical burns to the soft tissue. The gel used in professional teeth whitening is often between three and sixteen percent concentration.

The contained in the teeth whitening products bleaches the tooth enamel so as to change the color. There is rarely any discomfort when undergoing professional teeth whitening, though there can be some tenderness of the gums and teeth after the process. For twenty four hours before and after the process it is advised that you abstain from any food which is not naturally white.

There are alternatives to teeth whitening for at-home use. The most popular methods for home teeth whitening include whitening strips and whitening gel. Traditional home whitening kits will use overnight trays which contain peroxide gel. This gel reacts with water to create. The gels have one third the strength of other methods. Others methods of home teeth whitening include kits of small clear strips which are placed on top of the teeth. These are left in place for thirty minutes one or two times per day. The agent contained in the strips bleach the stain deposits on the teeth.

At home whitening is far less effective than professional teeth whitening San Francisco because the doses of are much lower. The low-concentration gel must be put on the teeth for up to one week to obtain the same results that a single twenty minute session will obtain with a dentist. Results also vary for at home teeth whitening because individuals do not always cover the teeth completely, they might not leave the gel or strips on for the desired length of time, and the strips are not fitted to the teeth in the same manner as the trays used by a dentist.