What You Need To Know About Dog Training

What You Need To Know About Dog TrainingDogs are a valuable part of our families and communities. In order to enjoy a positive experience with our canine friends, dog trainers need to build a trusting and healthy relationship that includes well-defined roles for both you and your dog.  Proper training is essential to keeping you and your family both happy and safe with your pet. It was once commonly believed that dog training required small acts of force and physicality towards the dog. Modern dog trainers understand that this is not the case and that good behavior and obedience can be taught without the use of violence. Whether you are looking for dog training in Berkeley, New York, or elsewhere, here are some tips that can help you.

You Are the Leader of the Pack

Dogs are descendants of wolves and still possess many of their ancestral traits. One of the most prevalent wolf traits is the pack mentality.  Dogs live and work in packs even within your home. Your other pets as well as you and your family become members of that pack. As a dog’s trainer, it is your job to adopt the role of pack leader.

How to Protect Your Dog’s Health

A healthy dog is physically fit, mentally alert and socially engaged. To protect his health your dog’s trainer must consider both your pet’s breed and the environment he will be living within. Every breed of dog has an ideal environment and some adapt better than others to city dwelling and smaller living spaces. Some breeds have genetic traits that you will need to watch for very carefully in order to minimize health risks.

The Meaning of Dog Body Language

Just as you would like your pet to understand you when you suggest he get off the bed or couch, your canine friend wants you to understand his needs. Your dog does communicate with you. It is our job to attempt to understand that communication and respond to it in a positive way. A dog’s ears and tail and give you vital clues to his mood and emotional state. A whine could be a complaint or a request for something. He may howl if he wants or needs you and you are not nearby.  Learning to understand your dog’s emotional state can strengthen and lengthen the relationship between you and your canine friend.

The Importance of Good Communication

Just as it is important to understand your dog’s attempts at communication it is equally important for a dog trainer to communicate his needs to the dog. Dogs are capable of learning hundreds of word commands and responding to sound cues. A common mistake of dog owners is to tell a dog “don’t do that” when he does something you wish he would not do. Experienced dog training professionals in Berkeley in other towns understand that it is far better to tell your dog what it is you do want him to do – “sit”, “stay” or “heel.”

It Takes Patience to Train a Dog

A new pet will need time to adjust to a new environment and to learn to trust a new owner. If a dog has been treated poorly it could take him an extremely long time to learn to trust his trainer. The older the dog is the more ingrained his social attitudes will be. A dog trainer needs to introduce an older mistreated dog to other dogs and humans slowly to prevent him from becoming stressed or aggressive. Just about any action you wish to train your dog to perform is best taught with patience.

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