What Your Cleaning Lady Wants You To Know

Hello.  I’m a Vancouver cleaning services provider and I’d like to share with you some ideas that a group of house cleaning colleagues recently discussed about our clients and what we’d like them to know.

We know that there are times when something just doesn’t go right on cleaning day.  Something gets misplaced, broken, overlooked, or an appointment has to be cancelled at the last moment.  Things happen, and maid service Vancouver professionals understand this.

Here are some of the things we’d like you to know.  They affect how efficiently and effectively we do our jobs.

  • Pets and children:  we are not babysitters and pet care providers.  Please don’t ask us to “keep an eye on…” while you dash out for a few minutes.
  • One more thing:  we are happy to accommodate extra tasks on an occasional basis but those extras can throw our day’s schedule off.  We have schedules to maintain and must focus on doing an excellent cleaning job at each house.

What Your Cleaning Lady Wants You To Know

Feel free to ask if we can add a special task to the schedule or call ahead to inquire.  We may have to say, “Not this week,” or ask to include it in another day’s cleaning.  It may also be above and beyond the scope of our agreed-upon services and will be an extra charge.

  • Time reality check:  we base our rates on various factors including the size of the house to be cleaned and the time involved.  Please don’t expect us to quote an extremely low rate for a very large house or expect a thorough cleaning to be done in just two hours.
  • Therapy:  we are not therapists – we are the specialists who clean your home.   Conversations of intimate or troubling concerns are best shared with those trained to help people work through personal difficulties.
  • Last minute cancellations:  many Vancouver cleaning services providers are independent business people for whom last minute cancellations (especially on a frequent basis) create financial and scheduling difficulties.  Many of us have policies regarding payment and last minute cancellations.  House cleaning is our livelihood:  please don’t try to “guilt” us out of payment.
  • Put it away: we try to be careful of all your belongings.  If something is extremely precious, important, or valuable, please put it away.  Valuables get knocked down, bumped out of view, inadvertently vacuumed up, etc.  If it’s irreplaceable to you, please put it away.
  • Pick up before we arrive:  it’s amazing how many clients expect us to move or work around piles of belongings.  We must be extra careful and take extra time to move things out of the way.  This cuts into the amount of time we can spend doing a thorough cleaning job.
  • Communication:  when something about our Vancouver cleaning services pleases you, please tell us.  If you are not happy about something, please tell us.  We welcome your feedback.

Above all, it’s nice to be appreciated.   An occasional note of thanks makes us feel wonderful.  We respect and appreciate you, too.