What’s New With Laser Hair Removal

Lasers have been around for many years and continue to be the one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for hair removal used worldwide. Advances in technology are producing results that continue to improve. This non-invasive cosmetic procedure is one of the safest options available which may account for it’s high rankings. Compared to similar options on the market it’s long history is clear evidence that there are no long term side effects.  It’s simplicity is one of the key selling points and can be performed while on your lunch break in most cases. This highly effective treatment has results which may have the added benefit of saving money to those choosing this method of laser hair removal.

In addition to hair removal lasers are showing other benefits when used as a cosmetic procedure. They can be used to lighten skin tone as well as a more even skin tone. As the technology keeps improving lasers will have wide spread use that will result in smoother, younger looking skin as well as hair removal.

New Developments in Laser Hair Removal

With it’s proven record of great result there are still a few people who are not convinced that the procedure is safe and effective. Side effects continue to be minimal and decreasing all the time, even for those previously unable to reap the benefits such as those with darker skin tones. One of the things affecting the cost of laser hair removal was that it was not widely available not so long ago. Now that it’s available virtually everywhere prices have become more reasonable making it an option anyone can afford.

Getting Laser Hair Removal Today

How many Vancouver laser hair removal sessions it takes to achieve great results depends on the individual with 4 to 5 sessions being the average number of sessions. On completion of your treatment you can expect 90 to 95 % of those pesky hairs to be gone forever. This is a much better result than you can expect if you use any of the other available methods. There are some who will continue to try waxing, threading etc which can be painful and only temporarily effective. Laser hair removal is continually improving and is a cost effective time saving procedure with minimal side effects.