Few Tips To Entertain Wedding Guests?

Whenever you are invited to a wedding and are not part of the bride’s or groom’s line up, it can be challenging to decide what you are going to wear. There are so many different rules, then you have friends that do not like fitting into the norms even for the latest fashions. It can be confusing for wedding guests, which is why the following might help you learn the rules and what is trending now.

For Her:

  • During a day time event, female wedding guests should consider a short dress or suit. Business attire for a morning event is more than okay.
  • An informal evening party requires a dressier fashion like a black dress, but it does not have to be floor length. Think cocktail dress and you will have a good idea of what to wear.
  • Semi-formal certainly makes things more complicated in your selection, but only if you do not know the rules. If you are attending a daytime semi-formal event, then wedding guests can wear a short dress or suit. If it is an evening affair then you require a cocktail dress. See? It is simple!


  • Formal parties are much different as you need a short dress or suit, with hats and gloves being optional. Today hats and gloves are very rare during the day, but at night a long or dressy short outfit is required often with accessories, a wrap, and beading.
  • White tie affairs are ultra-glitz with furs and diamonds warranted. These happen rarely and are often seen as an upper echelon trend.

When it comes to female wedding guests, white should never be worn. If you must wear a light cover then go for silver, which is a particularly popular choice for wedding shoes. Black and sequins during the daytime are big no-no’s, and being respectful of your hosts is an absolute must.

For Him:

A man has less complication when it comes to their attire. A suit for all wedding guests attending informal evening, semi-formal day and night and formal daytime is necessary. For an informal evening a dark suit is required. During an informal daytime affair dress shirt, pants, and a sports jacket are possible. Formal evening requires tuxedo or black tie. Ultra formal is white tie including vest and shirt.

Male wedding guests should not dress up a tuxedo with creativity unless expressly permitted by the bride and groom. A dark suit is not an option if the wedding is after 6pm and black tie has been stated on the invitation. It is important to use appropriate judgement as wedding guests to ensure you have met the criteria your friends are expecting.

If you have any doubts on what to wear as a female or male, simply approach someone in either party. Try to contact the bridesmaid or groom’s best man. Often their contact information is a part of the invitation for the stag and bachelorette parties. If not I am sure you can reach them through at least one member of the party.