When 70 Is Not The New 60 – Senior Driver Safety

The chronology of a person does not always match the “benchmark” points of that person’s life and wellness.  For example, let’s look at driver competency.  Some drivers are competent till very late in their lives while other drivers are less competent or even incompetent at 50.  And just because you have reached a certain benchmark and are now considered a “Senior Driver” doesn’t mean that you can’t sustain or improve your driving skills and safety.

The British Columbia Motor Vehicle Act states that the Superintendent “has the power to cancel or refuse to reissue a driver’s licence if the driver is found to have a condition or disability that compromises his/her ability to drive safely.”  This law exists to protect you from creating a road-related safety hazard to yourself and others.

When 70 Is Not The New 60 – Senior Driver Safety

Westshore Driving School companies have instructors who are skilled at working with drivers of all ages, including senior drivers who have experienced skills-altering experiences such as reduced health and mobility.  But before you sign up for driving lessons Victoria BC, let’s look at some of the ways you (and your health care team) can help assess your current state of wellness and skills.

Influences on Driver Safety

Injury, illness, or debilitation can affect anyone at any age.  These are some assessments to be aware of and incorporate into your overall health and safety program:

  • Have your vision and hearing checked annually
    • Tell your doctor if you are experiencing:
      • Ongoing pain in your neck or have increasingly limited range of motion
      • Any weakness in arm strength
      • Any reduction of reaction times
      • Memory lapses – you don’t remember how you traveled from point A to point B

Any of these conditions influence your ability to react in timely and safe ways when driving.  Other significant influences include prolonged illness, medication (and changes in medications), depression, loss, too little sleep, and a major life change.

An occupational therapist or driving rehabilitation specialist can do a comprehensive evaluation of your skills.  Vehicle modifications as well as therapies that can help keep you driving safely for a long time.

Brush up your Driving Skills

Westshore Driving School is not just for beginners.  Refresher and advanced safety courses can improve and enhance senior drivers’ skills.  Some benefits of completing such courses:

  • You improve your driving skills and overall safety awareness
  • You may qualify to have your license reissued
  • Your insurance rates may be lowered

Refreshing your driving skills with the help of the professionals of a licensed driving school Victoria can be one of the better gifts you give to yourself, your family, and to your fellow motorists.  Happy – and safe – driving!