When Love Has Gone – Signs Of Falling Out Of Love

Love is a fickle thing. One moment you are so in love with your partner you feel like your whole world revolves around him; the next you feel like you cannot stand another moment with him. “Love problems” can easily be solved if both partners are willing. The spark, so to speak, can come back if they work hard at solving their relationship problems. Unfortunately for some couples though, no amount of heart-to-heart conversations can bring their love back to what it once was before. In the end, they end up separating or getting a divorce.

It is hard to differentiate between “going through a phase” and falling out of love. To help you better understand your feelings, here are some signs of falling out of love and what you can do about it.

When Love Has Gone - Signs Of Falling Out Of Love

No Interest in Spending Time with Your Partner

The most common sign of falling out of love is diminishing interest in spending time with your partner. Instead of anticipating your romantic dates, you are giving excuses not to go with him. Instead of feeling “butterflies in your stomach” at the thought of spending some quality time with him, you are irritated and annoyed.  You no longer look forward to spending time with him, and instead, you want to spend more time with other people. Time with him has become more exhausting, more like an obligation, than relaxing or romantic.

New Hobby That Keeps You Busy

You suddenly developed an interest in a new hobby. You play golf with your friends; you start doing handicrafts; you become interested in collecting antiques; or you find it more fun to spend nights with your friends than with your significant other. Some people even start smoking, drinking more, or doing drugs just so they could, in their own way, escape the relationship.

You Begin Doubting Your Feelings

If before you are 100% sure you love him and you can imagine spending the rest of your life with your partner, now, not only are you not interested in spending any time with him but you are also questioning what you saw in him in the first place. The thought of spending the rest of your life with him disappoints and frustrates you.

No More Intimacy

You do not want to spend time with him; you cannot hold any decent conversations with him; and you put off any intimacy. No kisses; no warm hugs and embraces; and no more cuddling. All of these simple, intimate things are a part of any relationship. They keep love alive, and they keep the relationship healthy as well as intimate. Without it, relationships could fail.

What to Do

There are a lot of things that you can do to save your relationship. For one, a heart-to-heart talk with him could help a lot. You can share your feelings with him, and through the process, you can both get a good look at your relationship and talk about what you both want out of it.

If this does not help, you and your partner could always seek the help of a professional who can help mend your relationship. If this fails, then maybe it is time to go your separate ways, break up with your partner or get a divorce.

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