When You Think You’ve Tried It All: 5 Effective Options For More Healthy Skin

With the numerous products and ingredients you can find for skin care, it can be a daunting, and expensive, task to find what works for you. You can control acne, dry or oil skin, and wrinkles to keep your skin looking healthy with these effective options:

Oil Cleansing

With oil cleansing, your skin is left feeling clean, fresh and moist, rather than feeling stripped, dry and irritated. For best results, use castor oil and olive oil. Castor oil is excellent for deep cleansing without being harsh, and olive oil is a wonderful moisturizer. Simply apply the oils to your face at night, leave on for a couple of minutes, and then steam off with a hot face cloth. This technique works and many have reported excellent results.

Bentonite Clay

Clay powders are another way to get skin issues under control. Bentonite clay is all-natural and works to cleanse and balance your skin by removing surface debris and toxins that beneath the skin’s surface. Apply it to your face and let it sit for several minutes. You will feel your face start to tighten as the toxins are being removed. Afterward, simply wash the paste off, and apply a gentle or organic moisturizer. Bentonite clay can be found at health food stores as well as vitamin stores.

When You Think You've Tried It All: 5 Effective Options For More Healthy Skin

Sunscreen Based Products

Whether you are applying moisturizers or make-up to your face, it’s important that it contains sunscreen to keep it looking healthy and protect it from the harsh sun. Studies have shown that even if you don’t spend a lot of time in the sun, using sunscreen can make your skin tighter and look healthier. Using it prevents dryness and skin cancer, it it can help keep your face more moisturized throughout the day.


Shea butter, coffee butter and mango butter are typically used to moisturize the skin. However, these butters also make wonderful, gentle cleansers. You simply choose a butter that is best suited to your skin, apply it in an even layer. Allow it to set for a bit, and then gently remove it with a warm washcloth. Afterward, apply witch hazel to address pore size. Your face will feel clean and soft, and you will notice a great reduction in breakouts, while maintaining perfect moisture balance.


Until recently, the trend has been to stay away from skin toners. Toners are great for removing excess debris and makeup that may have been left behind after cleansing. However, many of them contained ingredients that were very drying. Not all toners are drying though. Toner at Crazy Wrap Life is made with natural and botanical ingredients that remove any excess dirt or make-up left after cleansing while leaving your skin feeling healthy and hydrated. It also minimizes pore size.

Beautiful skin does not have to be a dream. With a few simple adjustments, clear, flawless skin can be your reality. Get started with these tips and notice more healthy skin.