Whey There! The Truth Behind Hardgainers

Life isn’t fair: while the majority of the population struggles to shed the pounds, there are a lucky few that are endowed with a metabolic rate that rivals a nuclear reactor. Hardgainers, as trainers refer to them, frequently find themselves in an unenviable position of being unable to secure extra nutrition from a diet typical in the developed world.
Whey There! The Truth Behind Hardgainers
In short, all sport food supplement boils down to two components: macronutrients, such as proteins and sugars, and micronutrients in the form of minerals and other vitamins. Whey protein, the most famous (or infamous, depending on your preference for money clothed in flatulence) of all, is essentially a by-product of cheesemaking. Have you ever made mozzarella? After everything is curdled, you would drain away the excess water. That liquid, however, is full of proteinaceous goodies for those who are trying to bulk up through muscle-building.

Why do we drink this when blue-capped whole milk is available everywhere? Simply put, adult humans are not designed to process milk to its fullest extent. Barring lactose intolerance which affects most people on this planet, even the most avid milk-drinker might cringe at the thought of the GOMAD diet. A gallon of milk a day is bound to bring upon some unholy side effects, including cramps, bloating, and various unpleasantries in the loo.

Lactase Tablets
One solution is the use of lactase tablets. Simply put one in your milk the night before you go to the gym, and the enzymes in it will proceed to pre-digest the lactose in your milk to a more accessible form of sugar for immediate absorption in your stomach. This, combined with a high-carb, high protein diet involving a lot of chicken breast pasta and peanut butter, should suffice for those who are aiming to transition to bulk within the span of a month.

Protien Protien Protien
However, most of us have no problem securing protein in our diets. It is sugars and fats, neither of which entirely helpful to our cause for healthier living, that bog our system down. Abusing macro nutrients will not push them out of your system: the Poles would have more luck inviting the Soviets to come and defeat the Nazis for that matter.

Follow a Fitness Guide
The tables are turned, however, in the gym. Pop to any fitness blog just click here, and you will find trainers, hardgaining or otherwise, scavenging for training supplements. Are they suitable for you? To answer this question, let us review a little GCSE Science.

Go On, Get Going
So if you are popping to the health shop, see if your current diet is balanced enough. If you are short on some vitamins, a bottle will tide you over for a while – provided that you start eating your five a day, today.

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This post was written by Dane on Fitness Fan Team, to help you undertsand the importance of diet, nutrition and supplements. Dane likes to train in the gym regulary, as well as writing and competiting in outdoor Mountain Biking.