While Mom Is Occupied: Engaging Ideas To Keep The Baby Happy

Keeping your infant happy can be a time consuming job. Whether you work from home or you want some hands-free time to get things done around the house, you may be wondering how to keep your baby entertained. The following are some engaging and entertaining ideas for your baby’s growth and development.

While Mom Is Occupied Engaging Ideas To Keep The Baby Happy

Activity Jumper

The activity jumper is a fun-themed toy that keeps your baby entertained for hours. The activity jumper is safe and long-lasting and comes equipped with a variety of toys and other features. Your child can learn the rewards of simple hand and feet movements with the various buttons and knobs that offer music, lights and fun sounds. When you need to find a few moments of hands-free time, you can place your infant in the activity jumper and watch their face light up.

Baby Gym Mat

The baby gym mat provides an assortment of fun activities for your child to learn and play. As your baby grows, and their needs change, you’ll find the activity center ready to adapt to crawling, tummy time and sitting up. Features to help with your child’s visual and sensory stimulation include lights, melodies and sounds. Other items include the child-safe mirror for self-discovery, rattle with vibrant colors to promote auditory development and teething toys to soothe sore gums.

The baby gym mats are plush and made out of washable materials, so you don’t have to worry about germs and bacteria. It’s also designed with an assortment of colors, designs and plush toys included in the mat. This allows infants to enjoy independent play while busy moms can get things done around the home.

Baby Rocker

A baby rocker is a must-have toy for your infant. The motions of the bouncer are both soothing and stimulating to your baby’s needs. Because the motions are on a timer, you can keep an eye on your infant while you pay bills, cook dinner or catch up on emails. Today’s baby rockers also come equipped with melodies, sounds and lights to aid in your infants growth and development. The bouncer can even soothe a finicky child with its movements and music.


A playard is a safe and clean environment where your infant can enjoy independent play time. If you have mountains of laundry to do or you need to catch up on work, a playard is an excellent way to keep an eye on your children. Many come equipped with educational and fun toys that are beneficial to early learning. You can even purchase a basic one and include your own favorite toys for them to play with. Because the playard is portable and easy to transport, you can move it from the kitchen to the outdoors and watch them as you go about your busy day.

As much as you would love to shower constant attention on your infant, you’ll find it almost impossible to do so. With other tasks needing your attention around the home, you’ll want to find items that can stimulate and entertain your infant while offering busy stay at home moms some free time to get organized.

As a busy mother of 4, Lisa Coleman understands the difficulty of getting things done around the house when your baby wants constant attention. She writes to share tips on how to entertain and engage a baby with items like Bright Starts baby gym mats so that a mom can get things accomplished while the baby is safe and entertained.

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