Why An Investment In Traditional Radiators Is As Good An Idea Now As It Ever Has Been

Radiators have been around for decades and their purpose is to heat up a room, or specific area, by transferring thermal energy from one medium to another. Radiators are found in practically every room in most buildings, but they are often overlooked.

Today, radiators are typically found attached to the wall and are usually painted white. However, Victorian, cast iron and traditional radiators come in a large variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Although you might initially think investing in a more traditional radiator might not deliver what you need, there are many reasons that it is just as good an idea today as it has ever been.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Traditional radiators are often very ornate in style and have beautifully intricate designs and patterns. As a result, they are usually very aesthetically pleasing and can easily be the centrepiece of a room. They are a great conversation starter, and can fit perfectly into your home or workplace.

While today’s radiators are designed to blend into the background, traditional radiators were created to stand out, and why not? Investing in a traditional radiator today is a brilliant way to personalise a room with an unusual, yet beautiful and practical radiator.


Another fantastic benefit of investing in a traditional radiator is that they are very flexible. They are available in a large variety of shapes, sizes and colours, which means you are sure to find one that meets all of your specific requirements.

Why An Investment In Traditional Radiators Is As Good An Idea Now As It Ever Has Been

Radiators are common in most houses.

They are also easy to move. Unlike most modern radiators, many traditional radiators are stand alone, which means they can be moved from room to room easily. This extra flexibility is another fantastic reason why investing in a traditional radiator is a brilliant idea.

Cost Effective

Today, radiators are typically made from steel or aluminium, whilst traditional radiators are made from copper, brass or cast iron. While aluminium may be significantly lighter, it has been scientifically proven that copper, brass and cast iron transfer heat a lot better than aluminium.

As a result of this, traditional radiators help to keep energy bills down, as they stay hot for a long time, even after they have been turned off. They are also very reliable, and, despite heating up to such a high temperature, they are still completely safe.

Heat Up Quickly

The initial heat output of traditional radiators is a lot greater than that of the more modern ones. This means that the room will heat up a lot more quickly, which is exactly what you need as the cold, wintry nights set in.

Traditional radiators also emit heat evenly throughout their entire bodywork. This means that whether you touch the bottom or the top of the radiator, you will be greeted with the same intensity of heat.

Why An Investment In Traditional Radiators Is As Good An Idea Now As It Ever Has Been

Traditional radiators are a great investment.

These fantastic radiators need little work, except for the occasional bleeding every now and again so that air bubbles do not get trapped (as this will hinder the effectiveness of the radiator) which means they are perfect to provide a low maintenance option.


Traditional radiators are, and have always been, a brilliant investment. Whether you’re looking for something for the workplace or for your front room at home, a traditional radiator is flexible, cost effective, and very aesthetically pleasing. As well as this, traditional radiators fulfil their main purpose of transferring heat to a high standard that pleases whilst looking beautiful at the same time.