Why Barn Style Banqueting Halls Are An Amazing Bijou Wedding Venue

If you are planning a small and elegant, bijou wedding, then it is essential that you find an amazing wedding venue to fit in with your plans. With so many different types of wedding venues to choose from, it can be one of the hardest decisions to make during the wedding planning process. Over the last few years barn style banqueting halls have become an extremely popular choice for bijou weddings. In this article we will explain the benefits of choosing a barn style banqueting hall as your wedding venue and why it is the perfect choice for couples planning a bijou wedding.

Why Barn Style Banqueting Halls Are An Amazing Bijou Wedding Venue

Barn style banqueting halls are the perfect choice of venue for bijou weddings.

All-in-one benefits

The great thing about barn style banqueting halls is that they can literally become your home for twenty four hours, whilst you celebrate your wedding. Rather than having to get ready at home, travel to the ceremony, then travel to the reception venue, you can simply remain in one place. Having the ceremony and reception in one place will ensure your day runs more smoothly as you do not have to worry about your guests getting lost or getting stuck in traffic between the ceremony and reception. Cutting out your travel time will also give you more time to get ready and save money that you would have otherwise had to spend on hiring a wedding car or other form of transport.

Beautiful Setting

Barn style banqueting halls are the perfect choice for bijou weddings as they provide a rustic and romantic setting for you to get married in. Bijou weddings are supposed to be intimate, cosy and romantic and these are qualities which barn style banqueting halls certainly possess. Not only are the barn style buildings beautiful themselves, but they are usually located within the picturesque countryside, which will provide the perfect backdrop for your wedding photographs.

The Ceremony

Most barn style banqueting halls are fully licensed for civil ceremonies, so you can have your ceremony there, along with your reception. You will find that as well as being licensed for indoor ceremonies, many places are also licensed for outdoor ceremonies, which you may prefer if you are getting married during the summer months. If you are planning an intimate and romantic ceremony, there is no better choice of venue.

Banqueting Hall

If you are planning an intimate wedding reception meal with your friends and family, then a barn style banqueting hall is a fantastic choice. You can either choose to have a number of tables dotted around the room, or one long table for all of your friends and family to sit around. The long shape of barn style banqueting halls offers plenty of versatility, allowing you to design the perfect table layout for your wedding reception.

Bridal Suite

Rather than having to leave your wedding reception early to go on your honeymoon or worry about having to arrange travel home, you can simply stay in the bridal suite at a barn style banqueting hall. The suites in bran-style banqueting halls are usually spacious, yet cosy and romantic. They usually have an en-suite, with additional luxuries like roll top baths and Jacuzzis.

Why Barn Style Banqueting Halls Are An Amazing Bijou Wedding Venue

Planning an intimate ceremony? Barn style banqueting halls will provide a beautiful setting.

If you are currently looking for the perfect venue for your bijou wedding ceremony and reception, then why not consider a barn style banqueting hall? Not only will they provide a romantic and picturesque setting for you to say your vowels, but they also prevent you from needing to travel to a separate location for your wedding reception meal and party. Barn style banqueting halls are usually big enough to accommodate between thirty and one hundred and twenty guests, making them the perfect choice of venue for those desiring an elegant and intimate bijou wedding.