Why Diamonds Really DO Go With Everything!

You hear a lot of chatter about why diamond jewelry is the perfect accompaniment to any outfit, from the black business suit to the little black dress or the elaborate ballgown, but what is it that makes this one stone so special, fashion wise? Diamonds certainly are beautiful, but so are emeralds, sapphires and rubies. What is it that makes the diamond the perfect stone for just about any occasion?

Color Is Everything

Why Diamonds Really DO Go With Everything

The diamond is completely colorless, which means it just reflects the light from the things around it, like glass. A diamond is therefore never going to clash with your outfit, it will simply send out bright prisms of light and color when light hits it. This makes it perfect for day to day jewelry and for things you will wear every day for years, like a watch or a wedding ring, because it doesn’t matter if you are wearing pink, blue, green or black – the diamond jewelry will always match.

The Hardest Substance Known to Man

Why Diamonds Really DO Go With Everything2

Diamond is thought to be the hardest substance that exists in nature, and while it may be possible for science to create more resilient compounds, it is still diamond that is used in situations where resilience is key. Dentist drills are covered in tiny diamonds, because human teeth are so hard (why do you think we can find fossilized teeth from cavemen, or that dead bodies can be identified by their dentist records), and also, many mining drills are diamond coated. These tend to be smaller diamonds than would be used in jewelry, however it is their toughness rather than their beauty that is valued. In jewelry, the hardness of a diamond means it is going to be robust to not only wear for a lifetime, but to pass on to your heirs. Your diamond ring will not only withstand years of manual work and being submerged when you take a bath, swim or wash up, but will also be something you can pass on, looking as good as the day you got it, to your daughter or grandchild.

Iconic Style

Why Diamonds Really DO Go With Everything3

Of course, science isn’t everything and the universal appeal of the diamond can’t be explained just by its sparkling beauty and general toughness. The diamond has its place in tradition as a stone that represents everlasting love (probably because the diamond itself can last forever), and is used most often these days as a gift between lovers as a symbol of engagement, marriage or eternal love. It is also used in fashion as a sign of endless style and beauty – something that transcends trends and really represents something stylish.

If you are lucky enough to own any form of diamond jewelry, from a diamond ring to an elaborate necklace, it is important to understand just why these stones are so special from both a symbolic, traditional and fashion perspective. Diamonds are beautiful, tough and historically important, so next time you wear one of these precious gems, remember just why it is so special!

Nolan Grey is a friendly and understanding employee at Diamonds on Web, a company that has been specializing in diamond cuts for over 24 years now. His hobbies include playing the guitar and writing songs that express his feelings.