Why More Men Are Trying Laser Hair Removal

Women around the world have been using laser hair removal methods whilst sat at home. Laser hair treatments provide results that look better and smoother than a razor, don’t damage the skin as do razor, waxing, and chemical hair removers, and actually provide hair free areas within 6 months of treatment. And while many women are purchasing laser treatments in salons and laser devices to use in the privacy of their homes, more men are using it as well.
Why More Men Are Trying Laser Hair Removal

The Rise in Popularity of Hair Removal

Today, men are under much more pressure to present themselves as well groomed, well taken care of and discerning of their appearance. Hair removal on the arms, underarms, and even private areas is no longer only a world of women, men are expected to groom hair, and in some cases, remove it completely as well.

Shaving is the most popular method of hair removal for men, but whether for the face or more private areas, it can cause rash, bumps, reddened skin, and require a lot of maintenance.  Many men are finding that a laser hair removal treatment can easily remove hair, and is completely effective within 6 months of beginning treatments. Because men can often simply purchase a device to be used in the privacy of the home, laser hair removal treatments are more effective, better for the skin, and more private than waxing, visiting a salon, or any other method of hair removal.

Benefits of Laser Hair removal Treatments

Intense Pulsed Light hair removal treatments have a variety of benefits, especially when considering at home permanent hair removal methods. While IPL treatments should be repeated every two weeks, they remove the need for daily hair maintenance, and can eradicate chafing, dry skin, and bumps often caused by lasers.

  • FDA Approved
  • Gently Removes Hair Follicle Using Non-Coherent Intense Pulsed Light
  • No Redness, Chafing, Bumps or Dry Skin
  • Proven Effective
  • Two Weeks Between Treatments

How to Use a Laser Hair Removal Device

If you’re considering purchasing a permanent hair removal device, you should consider how it is priced according to the competition, if it is FDA approved, its reviews, and how easy it would be to get. For example, the Tria Beauty home h air removal device is the only FDA approved laser hair remover in the UK, which makes it the obvious choice for anyone who wants a medically tested and approved device.

Once you’ve purchased the device, you should follow the instructions to remove hair wherever you like. Most laser hair removal devices are most suitable for men with light skin and dark hair, and will usually come with a skin test lock that won’t turn on unless your skin is suitable for the treatment. The laser hair removal device will usually take four to six treatments before showing quality results, and will usually take 6 months to remove hair completely due to the hair growth cycle, which allows new hairs to grow in different pores for about six months.

Laser hair removal uses spectrum light that travels through the skin to hit the hair follicle via either the shaft or the bulb of the hair. The light works to destroy the melanin concentration in the hair, which usually mostly vaporizes the bulb or root, allowing the hair to easily fall out and will normally close the hair producing papilla, and sometimes actually destroy the hair follicle. Using this method, men can permanently reduce the number of hairs on any one area. With regular treatments, hair removal can be low maintenance, and permanent.

While there are many methods of hair removal for men, home laser hair removal is safe, medically proven, and FDA approved as a permanent hair reduction method.

Hazel Barnes is a former beauty therapist and now work-at-home mum who blogs about skin-care a beauty issues.