Will My Insurance Cover Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is most commonly called a nose job and it is usually a cosmetic surgery. That means, it is designed to give people a more aesthetic appeal to their current nose. It can be used to thin a wider nose, shorten it, remove bumps or ridges, and even reform nostrils that are misshapen. In cosmetic cases, rhinoplasty is almost never covered by your insurance company. However, there are also medical uses for the surgery, and some of them may actually be covered.
Will My Insurance Cover Rhinoplasty
How Much Cost Is Involved?
Different physicians charge different prices for the procedure, and you certainly don’t want to take chances by choosing the lowest cost option you can find. Remember that this is a serious surgery and can have drastic effects to the look of your nose and face. That means you need to take the time and be willing to spend extra for a quality surgeon. Some of the costs you need to factor in include:

  • The surgery itself
  • An anesthesiologist
  • After care
  • Care for any complications (if any arise)

If you are having rhinoplasty for purely cosmetic reasons, then you should expect to pay these costs yourself. However, most doctors and surgeons will work with you through a payment plan so that you don’t have to pay everything all at once.

When Will Insurance Cover the Surgery?
There are times when you may be able to get insurance coverage. In fact, if you are getting rhinoplasty for any reason, it would be a good idea to give your insurance company a call. You never know when the procedure may be covered, and it never hurts to ask.

Generally, the rhinoplasty procedures that are covered by insurance include those that are needed for medical reasons. Some people suffer from various issues that cause obstruction in the nose and sinuses. This will make it hard to breathe and can even make everyday life difficult. For example, people with a deviated septum may need rhinoplasty to avoid constant congestion, facial pain, and even nose bleeds. In these cases, insurance will very likely cover either part of the cost or the whole expense of the procedure.

All Insurance Policies Are Different
Of course, there is no way to say for certain that your own insurance will cover rhinoplasty. Before you schedule any procedure, you need to talk with your insurance company about the coverage you currently have. Depending on your policy, some, part, or none of your procedure will be paid for. You need to know, though, before you even schedule the first appointment.

If your rhinoplasty is for medical purposes, you may have to show records to your insurance agency in order to get coverage. They may even wish to speak directly to your physician or surgeon before they will cover any cost of the operation. Be sure to cover any cost or documentation that they need before you schedule an appointment. In addition, confirm with your company if they will pay the doctor directly or if they will reimburse you for the cost.

In most cases, rhinoplasty is an elective, cosmetic procedure. In those cases, you will be responsible for costs involved. However, there are some medical cases when the nose procedure will actually be needed to improve quality of life. In those situations, insurance will most likely cover at least part of the cost. Because the surgery is expensive, make sure you consider all of your payment options before ruling it out.

Dr. Michael Barakate is a pediatric and adult otolaryngologist located in Sydney, Australia offering rhinoplasty procedures at RhinoplastyClinicSydney.com.au.