X-Ray Wizards Provides Contract X-Ray Services

With more than 50 years of combined x-ray diffraction (XRD) experience, X-Ray Wizards provides contract x-ray services. X-ray diffraction is the technique used to glean in depth information about the chemical composition and crystallographic makeup of natural and manufactured materials. X-ray diffraction is used when optical arrays are not precise enough for a conclusive determination. Most organizations that have a need to examine crystal size and metrics have not been able to establish this function in house as it can be cost prohibitive. X-Ray diffraction is an expensive proposition and only recently has decreased in cost.

X-Ray Wizards Provides Contract X-Ray Services

X-Ray Wizards provide an affordable means of using x-ray diffraction on a contract and an as needed basis. Utilizing the skills and experience of X-Ray Wizards will present the most cost effective means for manufacturing entities that are in need of this service. X-Ray Wizards is at the forefront of the technology and will work with individual manufacturers to develop new and improved procedures for future products and the procedures become proprietary for that company.

X-Ray Wizards offers a variety of XRD including quantification and phase identification, crystallite size determination, degree of crystallinity, texture, and residual stress. XRD units from X-RayWizards.com are used on materials contained in medical implants, pharmaceutical, semiconductor and solar materials. X-Ray Wizards have the technology and ability to perform diffraction on a large or small scale.

X-Ray Wizards is committed to utilizing only state of the art hardware and software, methods and techniques to perform XRD to the highest possible quality. The goal of X-Ray Wizards is always to remain on the cutting edge of XRD technology and to provide innovative solutions in a most timely manner. All work contracted to X-Ray Wizards comes with a complete non-disclosure of proprietary information.

The expansion of services to include patent support puts X-Ray Wizards another step ahead of other similar service providing companies. This gives customers patent review, interpretation and litigation support in the field of x-ray analysis. The scientists at X-Ray Wizards will assist clients understand the necessary methods and instrumentation related to claims regarding a patent and compare the necessary data to make sure there is no patent infringement.

If a customer is caught up in patent litigation, X-Ray Wizards will assist litigators to understand the technology and methods related to XRD and help to compare client data to patent data. This will give clients top rate reporting, insights and analysis into the materials used in the product.