Your 5 Step Spring Cleaning Checklist

It may not seem like it with the polar vortex and the excessive snowfall the US has seen this year, but Spring is just around the corner. This weekend we will be moving the clocks ahead and preparing for the next season to come. For many the beginning of spring season means the welcoming of warmer weather, outdoor activities, and holidays such as Easter. For others it means spring cleaning and getting organized. Spring cleaning is a great way to put away winter clothes and prepare for spring. However, it can also be overwhelming especially if you don’t have access to a Chicago cleaning service. Fortunately, this 5 step cleaning checklist can help you to stay organized and keep you from feeling too overwhelmed.

1. Get Organized

Before you even begin cleaning you should try to organize everything. Start by making a plan. What needs to be cleaned? Make a list of each room that needs cleaning and then further break it down by focusing on what exactly needs to be done in each room. Focus on the rooms that need the most work first. You’ll feel more accomplished when you complete the hardest rooms first. Make sure you organize all of your cleaning products and gather items such as storage containers to help you to organize winter clothes and other items that you will be storing away until year.

2. Throw Things Out

Sort through your belongings and make a pile of items you plan to throw out or donate. Try on all of your old clothing. If it doesn’t fit or you realize you never wear it and is still in good condition, consider donating it to Goodwill or a homeless shelter. Throw out any worn out clothing. This will help you to create more space for a spring wardrobe.

Next, go through your kids’ rooms. Ask them to help you sort out their toys based on toys they never play with anymore. Explain to them how some children aren’t fortunate enough to have toys. This will help to encourage them to donate old toys to charity that they no longer play with.

Your 5 Step Spring Cleaning Checklist

3. Go Room by Room

When you focus on just one room at a time you will be more focused on the task at hand and less likely to get distracted. This will also help you to put things in their proper place. You’ll also feel a greater sense of accomplishment when you see one room completely cleaned and organized before starting another. This will motivate you to continue spring cleaning.

4. Consider the Weather

The polar vortex has been a bit crazy, right? In December the weather wasn’t as cold as it should have been. There were a handful of days when you could easily ditch your coat. Now in March some areas have already seen over a foot of snow and the temperatures are still below average. While you may be tempted to put ALL of your winter clothing away in storage it might be helpful to leave out just one jacket and a handful of long-sleeved shirts or other heavier clothing items. It will save you from having to sort through boxes of packed away clothes in the event that the weather calls for warmer clothes again.

5. Think Long Term

Don’t you hate when you and thoroughly clean your home only to have it become messy again within a few days? While weekly home cleaning is ideal to keep your home clean and organized, it may not be practical for everyone. Consider hiring outside help such as the best cleaning service Chicago or a maid that is closest to you. Professional cleaning service providers can keep your home looking clean and organized even when you are too busy to do it yourself.

Have you started your spring cleaning yet? How do you stay organized and motivated with your heavy duty cleaning?